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    Anyone here taken any classes with EduKan? I want to enroll in a microbiology course. Thanks in advance.

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    I took A&P through them. I'd say the class was as good as it could be without having a hands on lab. The software for the lab part was really great; I thought it was well done.

    You have to have a PC, you can't do their tests or a lot of the software on a Mac.

    If you have any questions, just pm me or ask here.

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    I've taken several courses with them. I have taken A&P with lab, Chem with lab, Public Speaking currently, Microbiology currently, General Psych as well as Developmental Psych.

    They've been well laid out. Great classes. The software needed for the labs has been great. LOVED the A&P software. The Micro lab software is very neat.

    Dr. Simmons is a great instructor to have for those classes, IMO.
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    Hi-I'm looking at enrolling in the summer A&P 6 week class. I have also enrolled in Microbiology (12 week summer course). Is 6 weeks enough time to learn the info in A&P and come out with an A or B?
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    I think it is as long as you dedicate the time and effort into the course.
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    Can someone here speak to arranging for a "cooperating lab"? Who did you use for your in-person lab work? Was it difficult to find someone to accommodate you?
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    I looked into a cooperating lab but all of the colleges in my area said that they couldn't because of liability reasons. That was the case with a lot of the students. You should still try, but I think driving to Great Bend is easier than trying to find a lab. Also, you don't really do much there compared to what is expected of you from the cooperating lab.
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    Hi! Can someone explain what the lab consisted of? I believe I read that there is only one lab and that it took aprox 3 hours to complete and then it was mailed in. Can someone confirm this? Thanks! Also, if you were taking a very tough work load during the summer.. do you believe the microbio class was really difficult to handle?
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    I thought that micro was easy -- you have to buy lab software. You have the virtual lab every week to complete. Then you have one in classroom lab that lasts 3 hours. The instructor gives you all of your points as long as you show up and participate. The in class is very very easy. HTH
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    Thank you!! I'll be doing the online version but I'm considering taking it in the fall as opposed to the summer because of my existing workload already. Thanks for all of the information

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