Weekend Package Nursing Positions?

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    Hi there! I live in NW Iowa and looking for a weekend package nursing position. Preferably in the ortho/neuro area. Is there anyone out there that knows of such a job? Is there anyone that is working in a weekend package agreement?


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    How far do you want to travel?
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    Depends...I wouldn't mind traveling a few hundren miles.......

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    I have a friend who does weekend package at Mercy in Des Moines. I also think the hospital in Newton also has weekend package available. Not real familiar with hospitals in North or Western IA. I imagine you there are hospitals in Minnesota that would do weekend package. Minnesota wages are generally much higher as well!
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    Hi there. I have checked into Des Moines. I think right now the weekend packages are just hard to come by. Des Moines is 4 hours away but would consider the drive pending the job/pay/benefits ect. I should check into Worthington....it's closer than Des Moines....never thought about MN...we live right on the SD/NE boarder...so I have been mainly looking into Omaha and Sioux Falls. Thanks for the advice.

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    Minnesota is not a compact state; did not know if you knew that or not!
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    Thank You for reminding me of that. I had thought about that afterwards when I was starting to look up jobs in MN.

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    I may be too late but I would recommend working in Minnesota over Iowa any day. It is not a compact state but I got my MN nsg license by mail in less than 2 weeks and I think it was less than $100 (at least it was in 2007). Very pleasant working conditions in the twin cities. This is probably too far for you to drive but thought I would share. Good luck friend!
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    What does Weekend Package mean? I am considering nursing and just wondered what this was about. Thanks!
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    It varies depending on the facility but is some type of pay incentive for working the harder to fill weekend shifts. Usually if you are doing the weekend package, they want you to stay on it for at least a year. Most places will give you one weekend off per quarter (every three months) but you would not get the bonus pay if your shifts are worked on non-weekend days. One facility might have you work 12 hour shifts on Friday, Saturday & Sunday and then pay you for working 40 hours. Another place I worked at gave you four bonus hours for each 12 hour weekend shift worked. (work Fri Sat Sun = 36 hours, they paid you for 48 hours) With the economy being less than ideal, I have seen hospitals eliminate these programs completely. Nurses are not as likely to complain about work that is hard to get in the first place and more RNs than in the recent past are willing to pick up any overtime that is offered especially if they have unemployed spouses and fierce job competition.

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