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Come on Iowa! Our message board is dead!! Let's get some discussions going for us lovely midwest folks! Who do we have here? Students? CNA's? LPN's? RN's? APN"s? How long have you worked in... Read More

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    Who: master's prepared RN (graduated from U of IA graduate school '06)
    Job: psychiatric home health RN for chronic mentally ill in Cedar Rapids
    How long: I've been there a year, have been a nurse for 16 years.
    what do I like: flexible schedule, low physical demand, daily make a difference
    What do I dislike: extreme low pay (I could make more managing Dickie's BBQ), cleaning off the ice from my car to drive to work and then cleaning off the ice of the office car to drive around snow bound streets with people who should go to AZ for the winter!
    Words of Wisdom: psychiatric nursing will help you to develope patience, listening skills and communication skills more than any other specialty that I have worked in (and that includes: medical, surgical, ICU, ER, dialysis, geriatrics, PACU and teaching)

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    I am a pre-nursing student. have 4 classes to go before applying to the nursing program at SCC in Bettendorf, Iowa. I am so excited to be a nurse. I want to either work with veterans (married to a Marine veteran) or peds (my twin nephews were in the neonatal unit for 3 months).
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    In response:

    Our message board is dead!! Let's get some discussions going for us lovely midwest folks!

    Who do we have here? Started as a CNA in high school then went to Medical Assisting. After realizing I could handle the medical field I went on to practical nursing. Now an LPN for 10 yrs. I was strongly advised to continue to get my RN, but was burnt out with full-time college.

    How long have you worked in said position? 10 yrs.

    What is your specialty? Family Practice, doctors office. What are some things you love about your job? The experience I have gained (vaccines, meds, triaging, EHR, etc)

    What do you hate about it or would change about it? My manager (i do not hate her by any means, but we need to clean house!). BTW, has anyone heard of Trimark Physicians Group? If so maybe we can form a support group?

    Any words of wisdom? GO FOR UR RN. I have decided to go for my RN. I want more education, challenges and options.

    Funny nursing stories? Cannot recall at the moment?

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