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Hello to everyone. I am a RN from NW Iowa. I have acute care experience but my area of expertise is LTC(x 15 years.) That is where I began and is what I drift back to and feel most at home. I am currently a unit mgr. in a SCF. I... Read More

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    zigs and debblynn, welcome!

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    Merry Christmas, I too am an ADN Student located in north central Iowa going to NIACC. Just finished Nursing III. with one more semester to go, yippy It was so nice to get together with my study buddies yesterday and make Christmas goodies instead of studying non-stop for a change :chuckle

    I wish you all a Happy New Year and an aspiring year of happiness and Joy, be it Nursing or in school. :angel2:
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    Welcome Zigs!!!

    I'm here in Council Bluffs, hoping to get into the ADN program here at Iowa Western...... However, I have also applied to Southwestern in Creston and Iowa Tech in Denison just in case.... Still have to wait to see where for sure it is that I'm going (hopefully Fall 04')

    Nice to see you here!!
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    Hi all.
    I'm glad there is a board for Iowa nurses. Nurses ROCK! A little about me. I have been an LPN for a little over seven years, and decided last year I was going to jump in head first to RN school! So here I am, eight months later, with graduation upon me in June, and I am so excited. This is something I have wanted for a very long time. I have worked long term care most of my nursing days, before that I worked as an OB tech, CNA, and EMT. I am a veteran of the US Army where I was a combat medic and nurse. I have continued to work full time during school (out of necessity), and NO, I do not suggest doing that!! My employer has been more than understanding with my schedule. I work in a nursing home and I truly enjoy it. I like having a routine and knowing my patients. I plan on staying where I'm at because I live in a rural area and the nursing shortage is not as visible here as in other areas. It is very hard to get on at the local hospital. And I enjoy my two minute commute! Anyway, that's my story. I would love to visit with all those other nurses out there!
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    hi supernurse,
    You must really be a supernurse to have worked through RN classes. I am just finishing up my LPN year at DMACC in Ankeny and will be starting the RN this fall. Sometimes I think it would be better to work as an LPN for a bit before continuing, but since I am an *cough..cough*.....older...student (46), I figure I had better keep going while I still can.

    Welcome to the forum, we are a quiet bunch, maybe you will be the spark to get us talking a bit more.

    So have you gotten a job yet? Sometimes I think that is as scary as the RN program itself....LOL

    well Congratulations and hope you get the job of your dreams

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    Hi Debblynn
    Kudos to you!! You go girl! My husbands grandmother went through LPN school when she was 60, so I don't think you are ever too old. My sign on name, well, kind of a long story. That's what the aides at work call me. I just go non stop. Except for spring break this year, I got pnemonia!! I work in a local nursing home and will most likely stay there. The money is too good, and I have worked there for six years, so the three weeks of vacation and paid sick time is quite nice.
    8 more weeks! I'm not celebrating till I pass boards, though. They upped the bar on the passing rate. Thanks a lot NCLEX!

    Heather, LPN
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    to Indian hills adn students- Could you tell me if indian hills currently has a waiting list to enter the adn program? What about for the clinical part of the program???
    thank you!
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    Oh my gosh, it has been forever since I have been on the site. I am sure I missed out on tons. So long I had to retrieve my pswd. How is ecevrone, and what's new?
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    Hello, I'm a newbie on here as well and first year nursing student.
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    Quote from zigs
    Oh my gosh, it has been forever since I have been on the site. I am sure I missed out on tons. So long I had to retrieve my pswd. How is ecevrone, and what's new?
    It's been 3 yrs!!! Since you started this thread. ...let's see what's new with me... My LPN year was a breaze, but this one has not been. It's a struggle for sure. I hope to graduate with my ADN on May 17 2007. (<20weeks :hatparty: )

    Hello to everyone!

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