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Hello to everyone. I am a RN from NW Iowa. I have acute care experience but my area of expertise is LTC(x 15 years.) That is where I began and is what I drift back to and feel most at home. I am... Read More

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    Hi all.
    I'm glad there is a board for Iowa nurses. Nurses ROCK! A little about me. I have been an LPN for a little over seven years, and decided last year I was going to jump in head first to RN school! So here I am, eight months later, with graduation upon me in June, and I am so excited. This is something I have wanted for a very long time. I have worked long term care most of my nursing days, before that I worked as an OB tech, CNA, and EMT. I am a veteran of the US Army where I was a combat medic and nurse. I have continued to work full time during school (out of necessity), and NO, I do not suggest doing that!! My employer has been more than understanding with my schedule. I work in a nursing home and I truly enjoy it. I like having a routine and knowing my patients. I plan on staying where I'm at because I live in a rural area and the nursing shortage is not as visible here as in other areas. It is very hard to get on at the local hospital. And I enjoy my two minute commute! Anyway, that's my story. I would love to visit with all those other nurses out there!
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    hi supernurse,
    You must really be a supernurse to have worked through RN classes. I am just finishing up my LPN year at DMACC in Ankeny and will be starting the RN this fall. Sometimes I think it would be better to work as an LPN for a bit before continuing, but since I am an *cough..cough*.....older...student (46), I figure I had better keep going while I still can.

    Welcome to the forum, we are a quiet bunch, maybe you will be the spark to get us talking a bit more.

    So have you gotten a job yet? Sometimes I think that is as scary as the RN program itself....LOL

    well Congratulations and hope you get the job of your dreams

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    Hi Debblynn
    Kudos to you!! You go girl! My husbands grandmother went through LPN school when she was 60, so I don't think you are ever too old. My sign on name, well, kind of a long story. That's what the aides at work call me. I just go non stop. Except for spring break this year, I got pnemonia!! I work in a local nursing home and will most likely stay there. The money is too good, and I have worked there for six years, so the three weeks of vacation and paid sick time is quite nice.
    8 more weeks! I'm not celebrating till I pass boards, though. They upped the bar on the passing rate. Thanks a lot NCLEX!

    Heather, LPN
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    to Indian hills adn students- Could you tell me if indian hills currently has a waiting list to enter the adn program? What about for the clinical part of the program???
    thank you!
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    Oh my gosh, it has been forever since I have been on the site. I am sure I missed out on tons. So long I had to retrieve my pswd. How is ecevrone, and what's new?
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    Hello, I'm a newbie on here as well and first year nursing student.
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    Quote from zigs
    Oh my gosh, it has been forever since I have been on the site. I am sure I missed out on tons. So long I had to retrieve my pswd. How is ecevrone, and what's new?
    It's been 3 yrs!!! Since you started this thread. ...let's see what's new with me... My LPN year was a breaze, but this one has not been. It's a struggle for sure. I hope to graduate with my ADN on May 17 2007. (<20weeks :hatparty: )

    Hello to everyone!