Which Countries Dont Require RN Bachelors?

  1. 0 Which Countries Dont Require RN Bachelors? And do they still have good pay?
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    Quote from dyanlfc
    Which Countries Dont Require RN Bachelors? And do they still have good pay?
    The United States of America. (Just above Mexico and below Canada)

    The pay varies greatly between region and type of facility.
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    If I am not mistaken, the US is the only country where RNs are not required to have attained a baccalaureate degree. The pay can be as low as $18 or $19 hourly in certain Southern and Midwestern states. The pay can exceed $50 hourly in certain high cost-of-living cities such as San Francisco.
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    What about countries like New Zealand, Scotland,Ireland,England and Australia? If someone can ask for the other ones here that be nice but I also want to know how you find out information for other countries and what is required and any experience.
    Im pretty much tired of being here and what to move out of the country. I just got accepted into the program.

    But I hear in the U.S it might become the standard to have a bachelors. In Mexico you dont need a bachelors I know that for sure and for Canada how does that work?
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    Look at the country's board of nursing. I know the NMC that covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland state on their website what is and isn't accepted. New grads for Canada applying I believe are expected to be BSN

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