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  1. Hi, I am currently a registered nurse in Australia. I got my degree from Australia but am originally from Canada. One reason I went into nursing was to travel with it. I have looked at going to England but its way too expensive and have to go there and wait to get a job and be registered. I want to know I have a job beforehand. Anyone know any good websites or know any good countries that will take nurses? Thanks
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    For any country you will need to sort Nursing requirements and work/immigrant requirements out before being able to work as a nurse
  4. by   YeXinZhi
    How about NZ?
  5. by   fresnovet
    I was looking at UN Jobs for nurses. I just started perusing today, a lot of it is very specific and is not your typical bedside med-surg type of nursing. For example, administering immunizations to thousands of Nigerian kids. Did you find any luck?

    Maybe you can help me. I'm looking to be an Australian nurse for a few years. Which area would work be best (e.g. NSW, S. Australia, Queensland, pretty much all of them) and lastly, what are the names of reputuable recruiting agencies/ hospitals? Thanks in advance das729