where to seek hepa b profile in the philippines

  1. hi guyz. i am a nurse for 4 years now but still don't have stable job. can't apply in hospitals because they require hbsag testing prior to employment. while reading some posts here in this site, i got hope and courage that someday i'll be able to practice my profession abroad for greener pasture and to help my family. can anyone tell me where i can have hepa B profile here in the philippines and how much does it cost?

    and also, what agencies for abroad or hospitals abroad accept nurses that have the same condition as mine?

    thank you so much, any reply is very appreciated.
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    Are you talking about a hepatitis B titer??
  4. by   heartofanurse
    Yes. That test with hbeag.
    Well. Have you ever gotten that vaccine?
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Are you in the US or the Philippines?
    In the US the test needs to be ordered by a physician or other health care practitioner then you can have the specimen drawn at any lab (hospital , LabCorp, Quest, etc) if you do out to have insurance the test can be very costly and you can inquire at your local health department if they offer discounted testing services.

    If you are overseas, you need to ask locally if you are working perhaps your occupational health department can assist you. Heo B testing is pretty standard in the US prior to going tot school for nursing and allied health as well as working in any healthcare environment with patient contact. Not sure the rules if you have active disease or are a carrier. I know in some countries it is common for many individuals to be carriers of diseases like HepB and TB. How that translates to ability to obtain a health clearance to obtain a working visa I have no idea. You would need to contact a customs & immigration official or embassy
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    Moving to International Nursing..

    Jamnice - please provide some details as to what info you are looking for: you want to immigrate, you want to stay in the PI???