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Hi guys, finally the long awaited day finally came. Heres the details Reached new delhi embassy at around 8:30 am, our appointment was at 9 am. On first sight i was baffled at the number of people allready qued up. But when i... Read More

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    Quote from agp_ph
    Congrats chocolateRNN...Now I am really confused on how the USCIS and NVC decides who gets to be interviewd first. Maybe the embassy in the Philippines are slower because based on your post your PD is July 2006 and case completion before retro is Oct 2006 but you were still scheduled for July 2007 interview.

    People from the Philippines have Nov or Dec 2005 PD and case completion before retro of Aug 2006 but still no interview until now.

    Did you submit a new updated DS230 last June? when was that completed?

    This is really confusing.
    It was really luck that I-P approval in one months time. Since the case has already been transfered to New Delhi consulate on Oct-30, 2006, there is no need for updated DS230.

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    Not correct. In most cases, they are going to ask to see the updated DS-230. And that is the reason that we have seen many here also get asked for the updated DS-230 even there was approval last year. The form that was submitted is now expired and is now longer valid. And it will not be accepted at the US Embassy, they are going to want to see an updated version, just the same as you need to bring with you an updated contract from your employer.

    I would recheck that with your attorney. All others here have had to resubmit their DS-230 and would hate to see you not get the approval at the interview because of this. If anything at least have an updated copy with you.
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    Quote from mpoova
    Since July visa bulletin is current worldwide, PD is not applicable, it depends upon completion file and the scheduling of interview by respective US consulates in the month of July. India has more than one US consulates, and conducted more interviews in the month of July than other countries.
    Sorry, but that is not the case. It is not strictly done by when the case was completed. The PD is still playing a part in it, whether I agree with that or not. And it does not matter how many US Embassy offices that are in a country, the issue is how many visas were assigned to those that were born there. Selection is still based on that, not just a grab for anyone. There is still an allotment prototype that needs to be followed.

    Your country was just trying to get them done so that they would not get cancelled, but not because there are more going thru there. Just not the case.
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    And even for those that have interviews in Kuwait, those interviews are based on where the nurse was born, not where they are currently working.

    Just because they rescheduled them, it does not meant that they will all get to have that date and get things done. Visas are no longer current and that is why many already scheduled interviews have been cancelled. Alot is going to depend on the PD date as well.
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    On rules, I can agree but, that is not what we are watching now at some Us consulates abroad.

    Are things happening as meant to be in the original visa bulletin of July? and why revised visa bulletins of July. During the flood of events, PDs were washed away if you observe what has happened! At the same time, there is always the country limit.

    Original Visa bulletin forsee some changes in PD only by september and things were originally planned accordingly. All of a sudden, everything changed and there are the revised visa bulletins and accordingly the interview dates were rescheduled or cancelled.

    For eg. take the original poster from india who has the PD of July 06 and has had the interview done and green card received.

    Candidates from the same country and same status, and even PD of 2005 and working in another countries, pack collected from embassys in Aug-06 from abroad US consulates, are awaiting to have an interview. How do you explain this?

    similarly if you oberve the PD of visa bulletin in the last few months of india inida and philipines

    VBmonth PD india PDphilippines
    July-07 c c
    june-07 jun-03 jun-05
    may-07 may-01 aug-03
    april-07 may-01 aug-02
    march-07 may-01 aug-02
    feb-07 may-01 aug-02

    You can read many things from these. like demand of visa many received by nurses..

    There were hardly any green card issued for indian nurses for the last few months after retrogression started. and does a visa issued of PD JUly06 mean that all earlier PDs of the same country have received visas? Does n't look convincing. I know there are hundreds with earlier PDs are still awaiting, while some recent one got a green card. Just scan the net and read stories.

    Suppose a batch who have the same PD and same country, those who are in the country gets their interview done in the month of July. Those who are working in other countries scheduled for August get interview cancelled. In one consulte, later PDs who got interview in the month of July gets a visa while other with earlier PD is awaiting from the same country.

    When July visa bulletin become current, some consulates have scheduled interview for the month of July, August, and september subject to availabilty of visa numbers and their time.Originally DOS, USCIS, forsee a revision will happen only in september and you can see this mentioning as a note in July first visa bulletin. Since visa bulletin is current for the month of July, they can schedule interview based on country limit. and it was not scheduled strictly on PD at all. But there is country limit for the numbers.

    As per my understanding, Consulates have received visa number for the month of July from USCIS. When there was a revision of july visa bulletin, consulates are aware of the status of August visa numbers and some of August and september schedule were rescheduled in the month of July as far as they recived visa numbers from USCIS. Others were left out. some who has the PD of 2006 got interview in the month of July. Others whose PD of 2005 from the same country left out. Since July visa bulletin is current for all, it is OK. and everybody who is eligible has a same chance for a visa.

    Your Ref. sepecific about Kuwait, the same thing has happened here. Some from the same country got rescheduled their interview in July received visas, though their PD is later and pack received from consulate later than some others, while the earlier PDs from the same country who got and interview in August gets cancelled. At the same time , those who have same PD , but applied through new delhi or other consulate, got there interview done. We have been selected by the same employer, our PD are same, pack received from consulate in 06 and now those who are applied through other consultes in India got interview done, while others in Kuwait waiting.

    we are all here aware and watching these!

    When you watch what is happening, you have to come out from written rules. and it is not a country grabbing out and other country lossing. there is always the strict rule of country limit applicable! No country can grab out more visas than its limit.

    The point is greencard receievd in the month of July is not strictly based of the PD alone. It is how lucky you are to get the interview dates in July. It is how a consulalte find time and schedule the interview in the month of July itself subject to country limit and visa numbers recived from USCIS. And for August bulletin, all U, no visa numbers available and hence all interviews canceled.

    PD counts when dates are mentioned the visa bulletin. I am not aware of any official guidelines but this is just my obervation of what is happening in the month of July!
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    I never said that it was based on the PD date alone as many here have stated. I always have stated that more weight was placed on when the actual file was completed.

    What you are failing to understand, is that there is usually a visa number already assigned to the case when it is sent to the US Embassy or Consulate for the interview in the first place, not that it is added later on in normal situations.

    There were not any green cards issued, except for a few after the retrogression started for anyone. Most have been waiting since last October for their date. It does not matter how the scheduling is done in a country, only that there are only a certain number for each country, and it goes by birth country, not where someone is currently working or residing. India does not get more visas than the Philippines, it is just that they spread out where the interviews are taking place. India actually has more under the H1-B status/category, so you may see larger numbers waiting there for interviews, but not all for the green card.

    I still stick by what I have posted. And if a US Embassy has interviews that they scheduled for September that is because of issues at that Embassy, and nothing more. But it also does not guarantee that that appt will not be cancelled like the others.
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    And this is not the place to split hairs over this. I have been quite aware of what has been happening all over the world with visas thru this retrogression and even the ones before. And have followed what has happened. And I still stick by what I have posted.

    Same thing the beginning of July when the interviews started to be given out. There were a few that posted that they were going to delay their interviews, they did, and they got cancelled. The visas that are being used now are only being given out to cases that were completed in total before the retrogression set in last October, and that means approval on the I-140 as well as the DS-230 and the files had been sent to the US Embassy for the interviews in most cases. And then the PD also played a part after that. They are only trying to clear up pending petitions that have been there for sometime, not focusing on new petitions that are being submitted at this time.

    They have actually pulled staff to work on getting passports completed for Americans that have been waiting months for them, due to the backlog that they have. That is actually where the priority is right now, they have even pulled 200 government interns to New Hampshire and New Orleans to help with that over anything else at this time.

    And again, this is now August; and there are no more visas available in this Bulletin in any classification. There is no guarantee that appts made for this month or September will actually hold. That is all that I am saying on the subject. It is out of our hands at this time. What ever will happen will happen, it does not need any debate. There is not a thing that anyone can do about it, so no reason to waste time on it.

    This thread was also talking about interviews at New Delhi. Please stick to the topic at hand.
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    I was not disputing your posts.

    In fact, I know you are experienced, helping many with your expert opinions and I have great appreciation for your hard and selfless work!

    Still not understand , how my earlier post becomes wasting your space and time, as I was taking about one point and explaining my different opinion.
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    It was not wasting my time, I just did not have time to read it. At night, I have very limited time. You have been concerned with what is going on since you started the process. I have been watching it and following it for years and have been proven correct many more times than most others.

    It does not matter what happened last year, or two years ago. What is at issue is that there is a new fiscal year that will start in October for one thing. The other is just because an Embassy office has changed the dates of some appts, it does not mean that visas will be available at that time, or they will be available for those born to a specific country. That is the exact reason that I made a statement back the beginning of July for those that were starting to get appts then not to cancel of delay it as immigration could change at any time and then cancel the appts scheduled for later on. And in fact we have seen that exact thing happen.

    Does not matter if it is a small Embassy, the issue comes down to where the nurse was born, and if from a country that is going to be hit with the retrogression continuing, then their chance of getting a visa is quite slim in September.

    I am tired of seeing attorneys and other promise things when we know they are not going to happen and then everything falls apart for the nurse. I would rather side on the err of caution and then the nurse get lucky, though we are seeing that rarely, then to say that those that have their appts in September are going to get visas then. Chances are slim to none. And if I were placing a wager on it, I would say no for any in September. That is my opinion on it, and I am sticking with it. If most have cancelled appts for August, why would anyone expect that their appt in September will actually happen?

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