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Hi. I am a US-RN and is thinking of trying to migrate to Canada. Can somebody give me advice if its true when they say that if you pass youre an NCLEX passer, you can just apply for a reciprocity in Vancouver? Is this true?... Read More

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    Just an FYI Update: The CRNBC is "adopting" the NCLEX-RN and will be in effect January 2015. I have been in communication with the CRNBC regarding licensing (transfer from US to BC) and will update here when I receive my response.

    CRNBC has signed a contract with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to offer the NCLEX–RN© examination in our jurisdiction beginning in January 2015. (copied from CRNBC website)

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    They are a dopting a NCLEX "style" of exam but it will have Canadian content and reflect Canadian nursing values. You will still have to write the exam to work in Canada. It will not be just one exam for both countries.Or at least that's what it indicates. Among the many pluses listed they don't mention reciprocity.
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    Why does everyone assume that because Canada is adopting the NLEX style exam it means they will have to forgo sitting an exam for Canada? Canada uses different values in a lot of things and also have different policies. How can Canadian students who will have been training for 4 years come 2015, when the new exam is supposed to start, be expected to suddenly learn new values?

    Canada is a different country to the US and the exam although be NCLEX style will be and should be aimed at Canadian values etc
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    I don't know why people have to get so defensive. All I said was that they were going to be using the NCLEX instead of the CRNE starting in 2015.
    I am a Canadian attending RN school in the USA and am aware of the differences in the two countries. Thanks
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    When people post not to worry because NCLEX will be accepted by Canadian provincial colleges then that is when people get upset. NCLEX US is for the US just because Canada against many to accept external contract doesn't mean NCLEX US will be accepted. Both countries have different policies and ways healthcare is managed and that must be reflected in the exam
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    I never stated "not to worry" i just was giving the information from the website and said that I'd post more info after I received a response from CRNBC.
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    I'll bite... so what are the differences between US and Canadian nursing practice?
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    I'm no expert on the differences... From my understanding though, the drug names differ and the healthcare insurance is a major difference.
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    I'm marrying a Canadian and will be practicing in Canada at some point this year so I'll bite too. Can someone clarify "different policies and ways healthcare is managed and that must be reflected in the exam"?

    It's been, ahem, a few years since I took the NCLEX but that particular test was to determine a prospective nurse had achieved a basic safe level of practice. In regard to particular processes in managing illness we obviously have minor variations in practice all across the US but learn a generic clinical (EBM) pathway. As to different drug names, it was more drug classes since the expectation that a US nurse remember every trade name is unlikely. Healthcare insurance wasn't a factor at all and would seemly be less so in Canada. I am interested in hearing more: I find it hard to believe Canadian nurses are required to learn the nuances of healthcare coverage at the entry level of the nursing exam. Whatever the coverage model, the ABC's are hard to argue with.
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    Any updates regarding your communication with CRNBC?

    Anyway, I came across this link at CNO's website under the 2015 Canadian RN Exam Updates

    Page 6, Question # 26

    If a Canadian writes the NCLEX will he/she be able to apply for registration in the U.S. as well as Canada or in more than one province?
    NCLEX-RN is developed as an assessment of entry-level nursing practice competency. Passing the NCLEX-RN is one important component of obtaining the privilege to practice registered nursing at the entry-level. In addition to successfully completing the NCLEX-RN, boards of nursing in the U.S. and regulatory bodies in Canada may require additional evidence, such as successful completion of approved nursing education and meeting language proficiency requirements, prior to granting that privilege. Since specific licensure/registration requirements may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, reciprocity of registration is at the discretion of the regulatory bodies involved.

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