US nurse trying to get UK license w/ an ASN degree

  1. i'm a registered nurse in the US and am in the process of applying for my UK nursing license through the NMC (what a process!!!) i have my associate's degree in nursing (2 year school), but also have a previous bachelor's degree (4 year university) in an unrelated subject. does the NMC recognize the associate's degree in nursing if the candidate has a bachelor's degree in another subject? i am anxiously waiting my decision letter from the NMC, but instead received a letter asking for my BScN transcripts (which i don't have one). obviously i will call the NMC on monday, but didn't know if anyone would be able to alleviate any of my stress over the weekend as i wait. i am marrying a UK citizen and plan on moving to the UK to work as a nurse...unfortunately, the whole NMC process is really delaying things. i would appreciate any info from anyone. thanks
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  3. by   XB9S
    Sorry but they will only accept a 3 year course. Have a look at their hours requirements on the website. The associates degree will not allow you to practice or register in the UK
  4. by   suemsu
    There is a guy who I work with in Texas just got just his registration and he has a ADN. He did some home study course from Scotland to get his extra hours. He is married to a Brit. , it can be done with a ADN but it appears rare.
  5. by   UStoUKbritt
    thank you for your response. i'm interested in hearing more about what home study your co-worker did in scotland. since my initial post, i've been denied my UK registration based on my ASN degree. i've been looking into 1-year online BSN programs but they are so expensive! i'd appreciate any more info you have regarding the program in scotland. thank you, and happy nurses week to you
  6. by   helricha
    Sorry to hear that you have been denied, I'm sure that is very crushing for you. I also am in the very early process of requesting registration with the nmc. Just took my IELTS on saturday and it more annoying than anything. What part of the UK are you planning to work in? Once I move, I will be living near Portsmouth, but from the looks of the job market will probably be working in Southampton.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Used to live outside Portsmouth lovely place with plenty to do and they was building onto the local hospital there and looked good. Jobs in general I found hard but hopefully you will find something
  8. by   Nurselexii
    this is the answer ive been searching for im also looking at a top up prgramme university of Debry to gain the Theory hours for a NMC registration is that what yoru friend did? is he available do you have any idea in detail what was done?