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U.S. Nurse moving to Sweden

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    This is my 1st post on here. I am getting married in May 2014 and I will be moving to Sweden. I have been a register nurse since 2011(I went through a diploma program) . I wanted to know if anyone on here would know how to being this process. I know learn Swedish is my 1st step, but is there anything like paper work that needs to be done here in that states? I mean any information would be super helpful.

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    Do you plan to work as a nurse in Sweden? If so, you will need a baccalaureate (BSN) degree. The three-year diploma and 2-year associate degree are not eligible for immigration purposes to most countries.
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    It also depends on how you are moving. Is you husband a Swedish citizen? If not finding a job (after you get a BSN) will prove difficult. As a member of the EU, Sweden hires citizens of the EU first.
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    Where in Sweden? There are other opportunities available in Sweden or any European country for RN with us credentials. Let me know if I can help.