the chance to be hired as an IEN.

  1. hi all
    i'm a Taiwanese new grad RN. I'm planning to work as a LPN in BC Canada and here's my plan hope to get some advise from you to know if it works. thanks.

    let's assume i have no problem with my PN license. i'll go attend as much as certification program as i can (like CPR and first aid) during the time i'm waiting for some paper work to be done. then have lots of volunteer hours at the same time. but i'm doing the above thing with the visitor visa. by the time i get my PN license i'll start to find a job no matter i'm in Canada or Taiwan(if my visitor visa is expired). if luckily find a job, i will need my employer to help me with the TWP to make me legally work in Canada.

    and here are my questions
    1. does this plan work?
    2. do you have any ideas or experience about an employer hired an IEN and help them with the TWP? because it sounds complicated and might need at least 3 months to get LMO etc. does employer willing to do that?
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  3. by   dishes
    It is highly unlikely, that a Canadian employer will have reason to hire a internationally educated new grad in this job market.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Why would you plan on working as a PN when you hold RN credentials???

    And Dishes is correct. BC is a hard job market to crack, with their own new grads to hire, part time nurses looking for more hours.
  5. by   Ottawavalleynursing
    The job market is highly competitive so it may be difficult to get a job in the Canadian market right now. However, it can't hurt to get your registration and come here and look for a job.
  6. by   Mona77
    If you are not older than 30, you can take part within the
    International Experience Class.
    If approved you will receive an open work permit valid for
    12 months.
    Canadian Expererience is the best way, if you are New Grad!
    Try it!
  7. by   loriangel14
    You refer to getting lots of volunteer hours.What were you going to volunteer as?You can't do volunteer hours as a nurse and volunteer hours won't count as nursing experience anyways.Like Fiona said, if you are an RN why are you pursuing PN credentials?