swiss or german nurses immigrating to canada

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I am a swiss diploma nurse and applied for canadian PR about a year ago and
    wherever I go and whoever I ask....i seem to be the only swiss nurse EVER
    wanting to become a canadian RN (BC) someday...! I do feel a little lost sometime and
    therefore would love to share my experiences, problems and anxieties
    regarding the whole immigration/registration process with nurses from switzerland,
    germany or any other european country....

    Kind regards

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    There are several of us from an EU country that has made the move to Canada and love it.

    Welcome and good luck on your journey. Have you applied to the provincial college for RN's and sorted getting registration out and eligibility to sit CRNE?
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    you are not alone, I am a german nurse, within the registration process with
    In April we, my husband and I, start our Journey to Canada.
    At the moment we have a lot of work with selling our furniture, packing, gathering documents, and all the paperwork that has to be done prior our departure from Germany.
    So, welcome in this forum, feel free to ask all your questions.

    Best wishes!
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    Hello Mona, hello Silverdragon,

    thanks a lot for your replies. it's great to hear that there are european
    nurses on their way to canada with maybe similar problems and whishes
    for their future...I am not yet in the registration process. I applied for permanent
    residence about 3/4 year ago and am still waiting
    for the medical... ! i thought about waiting
    with the registration process as long as I am still living in switzerland and
    then with PR, immigrate and start working as a nursing aid for a couple of
    months and during this time apply for registration with CRNBC....
    But maybe its better to start with the registration process right now ?
    Did you have any problems with your european diplomas ?

    Have a great day....

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    Registration can take a long time, several months, so I would suggest starting sooner rather than later. Some have had problems with transcripts due to Canada being general trained so hours are required both clinical and theory in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and General Adult.
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    I would recommend to start the registration process right away. I send my application in September 2009 and I am still not registered.
    My experience is that it takes CRNBC a long time to assess your education and it is likely that you'll have to go through SEC assessment.
    My transcripts got lost somewhere, for example, that meant a long delay in my registration process.
    Don't forget about the time you will need to prepare either for assessment or for the CRNE.
    I was one of a few lucky IENs, with only one Professional Studies Course to take.
    Out of 25, 22 had to take more than two and fulfil an individual number of clinical hours prior Provisional Registration and eligibility to write the CRNE.

    In what area do you work as a nurse?
    Do you have a Bachelor or a diploma?

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    Hey Mona,

    thanks again for your reply. for me it was all about the permanent residence at first and
    it is only now that I started to really think about the registration process, though I am still
    not totally sure wether I am going to get my PR card and when...
    I'll take my second IELTS exam in june (the first (genera)l i took for PR about a year ago) and after
    that I am ready to send all my papers to CRNBC. I am a generally trained diploma nurse (4 years) but no BScN !
    I do have the chance to study for the BScN here in Switzerland, and it would take me one year...
    but I am not really sure about it, because I heard that a diploma is still okay for IEN's. What about you ?
    Did you have to take the SEC assessment?
    If you don't mind we could email each other in german sometime...
    my mailaddress:
    have a great day, and all the best to you and your husband with your immigration adventure...

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