Should I go to University of Calgary or the University of Rochester? Please help!

  1. Hi Everyone! SO, I recently graduated from the University of Toronto with my Honours Bachelor of Science and after a long thought process and some hands on experience, I finally knew that I wanted to become a nurse. I applied to several accelerated BSN programs in Canada and the United States. I got into the University of Rochester AND the University of Calgary - AND I don't know where to go? I've listed facts about both programs and I am hoping to get some of your opinions on WHERE I should go. Thank you!

    University of Calgary
    - 28 month program for transfer students
    - Canadian school (I'm a Canadian Citizen)
    - eligible to write the CRNE in Alberta OR Ontario (I'm a resident of Ontario)
    - open's doors to jobs in Alberta and Ontario
    - $17,000 tuition

    University of Rochester
    - 12 month program for degree holders
    - American school (Student VISA)
    - eligible to write the NCLEX
    - may be difficult to find a job as a new graduate that is CANADIAN?
    - most likely won't be able to write the CRNE since the program is half of what most accelerated BSN programs are in Canada
    - $56,000 tuition

    I feel that going to UofC will be the safer route and will provide me with a higher chance of scoring a job after I've received my license! What do you guys think?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   spore2008
    It seems to me you answered your question.
    What is the plus for the University of Rochester?

    Good luck.
  4. by   loriangel14
    It doesn't matter which province you write your exam in.Passing the CRNE opens the door to jobs in what whatever province you are licensed in.
  5. by   babyNP.
    From what I've read while dabbling in immigration (my DH is a foreigner), you need all of the tuition up-front, no loans, plus living expenses. Do you really have that much $$ to qualify for a student visa? Canadians seem to be special cases though, a lot of the time, and I wouldn't put it past to have it be slightly easier (for example, Canadians can enter for 6 months as a tourist without a visa while the rest of the world has 90 days on VWP)

    The market for American new grads is horrendous. What makes you think that a foreigner would stand a chance? Unless you have ties to the US like a USC spouse?

    Sounds like you like the idea of going to Rochester, but know that it's not a realistic option at this point.

    Good luck in nursing school!
  6. by   PintheD
    Please do not spend $56,000 on a BSN. Stay in Canada to take advantage of the realistic tuition.
  7. by   Jay406
    Since you are a Canadian citizen, I would say U of C. Starting school is hard as it is without going through immigration/international student hurdles. Also it is considerably cheaper. Good luck!
  8. by   VanLpn
    U of C for sure. Way cheaper, and the job market for RN's seems a bit better here.
  9. by   itsmejuli
    Practice your critical thinking skills, you're going to need them if you want to become a nurse.