Should I go to University of Calgary or the University of Rochester? Please help! Should I go to University of Calgary or the University of Rochester? Please help! | allnurses

Should I go to University of Calgary or the University of Rochester? Please help!

  1. 1 Hi Everyone! SO, I recently graduated from the University of Toronto with my Honours Bachelor of Science and after a long thought process and some hands on experience, I finally knew that I wanted to become a nurse. I applied to several accelerated BSN programs in Canada and the United States. I got into the University of Rochester AND the University of Calgary - AND I don't know where to go? I've listed facts about both programs and I am hoping to get some of your opinions on WHERE I should go. Thank you!

    University of Calgary
    - 28 month program for transfer students
    - Canadian school (I'm a Canadian Citizen)
    - eligible to write the CRNE in Alberta OR Ontario (I'm a resident of Ontario)
    - open's doors to jobs in Alberta and Ontario
    - $17,000 tuition

    University of Rochester
    - 12 month program for degree holders
    - American school (Student VISA)
    - eligible to write the NCLEX
    - may be difficult to find a job as a new graduate that is CANADIAN?
    - most likely won't be able to write the CRNE since the program is half of what most accelerated BSN programs are in Canada
    - $56,000 tuition

    I feel that going to UofC will be the safer route and will provide me with a higher chance of scoring a job after I've received my license! What do you guys think?

    Thank you!
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    It seems to me you answered your question.
    What is the plus for the University of Rochester?

    Good luck.
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    It doesn't matter which province you write your exam in.Passing the CRNE opens the door to jobs in what whatever province you are licensed in.
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    From what I've read while dabbling in immigration (my DH is a foreigner), you need all of the tuition up-front, no loans, plus living expenses. Do you really have that much $$ to qualify for a student visa? Canadians seem to be special cases though, a lot of the time, and I wouldn't put it past to have it be slightly easier (for example, Canadians can enter for 6 months as a tourist without a visa while the rest of the world has 90 days on VWP)

    The market for American new grads is horrendous. What makes you think that a foreigner would stand a chance? Unless you have ties to the US like a USC spouse?

    Sounds like you like the idea of going to Rochester, but know that it's not a realistic option at this point.

    Good luck in nursing school!
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    Please do not spend $56,000 on a BSN. Stay in Canada to take advantage of the realistic tuition.
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    Since you are a Canadian citizen, I would say U of C. Starting school is hard as it is without going through immigration/international student hurdles. Also it is considerably cheaper. Good luck!
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    U of C for sure. Way cheaper, and the job market for RN's seems a bit better here.
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    Practice your critical thinking skills, you're going to need them if you want to become a nurse.