RPN or RN?

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Samantha and ive been accepted at Sheridan college for RPN. I currently attend York U, and have always dreamed of being an RN. York has a program that allows you to switch into nursing and fast track for 2 years but I don't think my GPA will be high enough for me to switch. I'd need straight A's this semester in order to get the GPA i need to switch,meanwhile the Sheridan program starts in may and i'd be able to fast track and be certified as an RPN within one year. What do you think I should do? I have to accept or decline Sheridan's offer by next week. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,


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    You could go for your RPN and then bridge to RN afterwards.
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    You could always accept Sheridan and apply to York, and if you get accepted to York, you could switch? And as said above you could bridge afterwards to become an RN, which is three years.
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    I personally would just go straight to the BScN program and not bother with the practical nursing route.
    There are wayyy more job opportunities for RNs and there's so many things you can do with your degree.
    There's probably 1 RPN job for every 5 RN jobs at the hospital.
    It's hard to find a decent position any where but I think the best route is definitely doing your BScN. Way more choices in the end
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    It will depend on where you are looking for a job as well.The hospital that I work at has far more RPN jobs than RN jobs.
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    as someone who recently graduated with his BScN in Ontario an is a working RN I can say with honesty its not the greatest thing out there. You are still overworked and underpaid and underappreciated. I recommend everyone try RPN first, less time, money an effort but you still get to be a nurse. As for all the "options" the BScN gives you, IMO not enough really.
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    thank you, I really appreciate your honesty. I'll have to talk to admissions at York tomorrow about my chances of being admitted this september. Have you started working yet? How do enjoy it so far? are you able to use your full scope of knowledge ?
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    I'm not sure if you're asking me saints but I'll reply. I have started working in the same hospital I worked at in an unregulated role before graduating. I am already part time and was actually offered full time permanent at the end of my new grad. This was only due to several older RNs retiring when I came on board and that this hospital has a very poor staff satisfaction record (meaning no sane nurse who knows this wants to work there). Yesterday I went on stress leave just from volume of workload. It is a ++ busy med/surg floor with a heavy complete care psychogeriatric patient population. Add to this we have no health care aides anymore (administration eliminated them last September) and no porters. Anyways, more than just a little disillusioned with bedside nursing right now and I have no office job waiting for me even with my fancy BScN degree magna cum laude. I hope this all gives you a little real world perspective. Granted these could just be my experiences at a crappy facility but I don't think this should be allowed to go on in a country like Canada.
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    It's up to you, but I would go for your RN if you have the time and you can afford it. The RPN role is very similar in scope now to the RN role, but their wage isn't reflecting this IMO. Also, should you decide you want to do travel nursing down the road, you need to be an RN.
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    Thank you for your reply Joanna73. I actuallydo plan to travel eventually andworkoutside of Canada. One of the resons im considering the RPN position as opposed to the RN position is because i feel like its taking forever for me to progress and reach my goal of becoming an RN. Im 20 so one extra year of dedicated to upgrading my marks isnt a big deal, im just trading a sure thing for unsure at this point . i wont know whether ive been accepted to York until may-june, which is what makes my situation so frustrating.

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