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requirements for NCLEX in New jersey

  1. 0 can i ask about the requirements for taking the
    NCLEX in new jersey? pls... tnx for the reply!
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    tnx for the post!
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    You are going to be applying for licensure as an RN, there is no way to apply directly for the NCLEX exam.

    Moved your thread to the International Forum as you have additional requirements that will need to be met, including the CES, which is a credentials eval done thru CGFNS.

    Recommend doing some reading on this forum for more information that you will need to be aware of.
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    hi im new here just want to ask i graduated in the philippines my bs in nursing but im an american citizen do i have to take the cgfns?? thanx i really need an answer ....
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    You need to meet the boards requirement for international educated nurses. If this includes CGFNS in a way, there's no way around it. What you obviously not need is visa screen.

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    where can i get the requirements for nclex in new jersey for international educated nurses since i would like to apply the soonest time. thank you
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    look on their website, email or ring them.

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    There is no quick time to meet BON requirements. All information will be on their website
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    can i ask what will be there website?? thanx
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    Please do a bit of homework, CGFNS has a link to all Boards, I guess if you use the search function here you might find it, you can google or consult the phonebook and ring them.

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    Quote from j.marie
    can i ask what will be there website?? thanx
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there are a few helpful links and one of them is board of nursing websites. You will find it there
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    are there other states that does not require cgfns??