Registered Nurse dreaming to work in Canada

  1. hi guys! this is my first post here in this site. i've been reading a lot of posts regarding work-related stuffs in canada. would just like to ask you guys regarding the process for landing a job in canada. i am a registered nurse in the philippines for almost a year in a GNU area. a full-paid nurse not a volunteer one. i'm taking my ielts classes as a preparation for some of the requirements that might be needed for the near future. so my questions are:

    1. how's the point system in canada? is it really needed?do i really need to pass it?

    2. Is it true that the band score for ielts was lowered by Canadian government?

    3. any insights with Pinoy care (i have read some previous posts but it's not anymore updated so i need to know what's the latest for these recruitement agency)

    4. if i will process things on my own, how long will it take and how much it will cost?

    Sorry if i have so many questions in my mind, actually i have a lot, this will be my first time to apply in a foreign land. and Canada has been a dream for me.. i really want to go there so badly...but i was kind of depress when a friend of mine told me that it is TOO hard to go there....i really need some enlightenment.. thanks for the help guys....

    *i hope i posted this one in the right section...
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I personally would say do it yourself and save money, you will need it when you get here.

    Starting point would be meeting provincial college of RN requirements. RN under the FSW is capped and should reopen in Jun but not sure if RN is going to be on the list. You need to pass IELTS for both college and government so depending on province will depend on which IELTS is required. Process times will vary but give yourself a couple of years as the process with province college can take a lot of time. Once you start with the job process then a lot will depend on the route you plan on taking and whether a employer is required.

    What province are you looking at?
  4. by   pattyness
    @silverdragon Im taking toronto and alberta into consideration..since i heard both provinces are good,economically but still im looking for other provinces as an option since i dont have any relatives living in canada..
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I suggest you check out the Canadian forum and see what the job situation is like in the provinces you wish to live in.
  6. by   pattyness
    All right i'll check the forum..thanks for the info...
  7. by   dodoy
    Hi pattyness

    I would just like to give some input regarding your questions.

    First, moving to Canada and working as a registered nurse in Canada are two different processes that are (shall I say) collaborative. To be able to move to Canada, you must first be approved by the Immigration Services (CIC). You'll first choose what type of visa will you apply to enter to Canada. In your case, I think your aim is to work there so I think you'll fall under the Federal Skilled Worker category. However, Canada has a point system which you must first pass before applying thru a FSW route. The minimum score to achieve to be eligible to apply thru this is 67 points. Scoring will be done by the immigration officer and once you have scored at least 67 points you may proceed with the application. However, this is a very tedious process. For one, it only has a limited number of applicants to accommodate every fiscal year (did I get that right SilverDragon?). Some factors to consider too are the completeness of your documents, the time you applied (if the FSW category you have applied for has already been capped), and of course the assessment of the immigration officer. Take note that it is not very easy to reach the 67 points especially for new nurses. It's a different case though if you have an employer willing to sponsor you. Try to do self assessment on CIC's website.

    On working as a RN on Canada, you must first be licensed. To obtain a license, you must first pass the CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurse Examination). For foreign nurses, the credentials would be assessed if their education is equal with the Canadian standards before a decision is made if they will be permitted to take the CRNE or if they will have to take some supplemental courses. Much has been written regarding this. I suggest you do backreading. I believe a sticky is provided regarding this topic.

    Your friend is not discouraging you when s/he told you that it is TOO hard to go to Canada. It is INDEED. S/he is just presenting the reality to you. As you said, you have almost a year of paid working experience. That is still too short.

    PLEASE try to do the self assessment. You will see what are the criteria they are assessing. From there you'll know it's hard specially for new nurses.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Point score can be done on the CIC website in the form of a self assessment. Skilled workers and professionals: Self-assessment test

    If you need point requirements you can process the rest. All forms are on the CIC website and if going the FSW route you must have a minimum of 12 months full time paid employment. all paperwork that needs completing is on the CIC website along with a guide on how to complete it. This is the same paperwork whether doing it alone or with an agency. FSW if on the skilled list is capped, last year was 500 per occupation, who knows what this year will be but it will be released in Jun or there about.

    As mentioned in the previous post you have to meet both Immigration as well as provincial college of RN requirements and only once you have met provincial RN requirements and passed CRNE will you be able to work in Canada as a RN however because the exam is currently sat 3 times a year in Canada you can get a temp license which as long as you have permission from the College of RN as well as the government to live and work in Canada will allow you to work as a RN with limitations until you sit and pass CRNE
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Just to add if you are determined to live and work in Canada does it matter that it takes a few years to make it. Canada is a beautiful country and I am honoured to be able to live and work here and I know once I have PR sorted I am looking ahead to taking citizenship and have no intentions returning to the UK unless I am really forcced to
  10. by   pattyness
    Thanks guys for all the infos you have provided..i am still determined to work in Canada...i am trying to work on my papers and other documents... I'll visit this site more often for some queries/updates that might help me.. Wish me luck guys!
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck and by all means please keep coming back and asking questions and letting us know how you are doing
  12. by   Ginger's Mom
    Pattyness, are you planning on making Canada your home?

    I only ask since jobs are at a premium and as a citizen of any country it is annoying when people come to your country only wanting to work and send money home when times are tough in your own community.

    When I read you post, I see you are dreaming of working in Canada, not living in Canada.

    If you plan an moving to Canada and making it your home, I think you find the reception from the Canadians will be positive since many Canadians are immigrants. If you plan on working in Canada, the attitude may be different.

    My experience is that people who immigrate, have a love and appreciation for the their new home country. They are excited to be part of the community and desire to make the community better. People who come to work, want a paycheck and save money to return to their home country. In times when there is a shortage of qualified employees this is helpful to the locals, but when times are economically hard, no one wants jobs to go to people who have no vested interest in their community.
  13. by   pattyness
    I will really come back here...
  14. by   pattyness
    @Ginger mom... I also want to live in canada thinking that looking for a job is easier than processing to live there... But in your opinion,which is easier hunting for a job there or living there?