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hi guys! this is my first post here in this site. i've been reading a lot of posts regarding work-related stuffs in canada. would just like to ask you guys regarding the process for landing a job in canada. i am a registered... Read More

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    Pattyness, are you planning on making Canada your home?

    I only ask since jobs are at a premium and as a citizen of any country it is annoying when people come to your country only wanting to work and send money home when times are tough in your own community.

    When I read you post, I see you are dreaming of working in Canada, not living in Canada.

    If you plan an moving to Canada and making it your home, I think you find the reception from the Canadians will be positive since many Canadians are immigrants. If you plan on working in Canada, the attitude may be different.

    My experience is that people who immigrate, have a love and appreciation for the their new home country. They are excited to be part of the community and desire to make the community better. People who come to work, want a paycheck and save money to return to their home country. In times when there is a shortage of qualified employees this is helpful to the locals, but when times are economically hard, no one wants jobs to go to people who have no vested interest in their community.
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    I will really come back here...
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    @Ginger mom... I also want to live in canada thinking that looking for a job is easier than processing to live there... But in your opinion,which is easier hunting for a job there or living there?
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    Easy or hard to live somewhere you still need a job -easy or hard to get.
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    If you meet immigration requirements and have sufficient funds to support yourself it is always easier to live and look for a position. Best to have a Plan B if you don't qualify for a nursing position.
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    plz need help to pass crne exam juin 2012 wich books should i study other than the prep guide
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    Quote from mayouchka
    plz need help to pass crne exam juin 2012 wich books should i study other than the prep guide
    This member hasn't even started the process so probably hasn't looked at studying for the exam. I suggest doing a search of the Canadian forum and read the many threads on the exam

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