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Prc Iloilo License Renewal

  1. 0 Is there anyone who processed for their renewal of license in prc-iloilo? Do they need a passport size id taken by their official photographer? what if the applicant is out of the country and will need to have a representative to process for him? Does it mean the applicant must go back home just to have picture taken with prc-ilo logo? Pls help me about this
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    Here in cebu you can pass any picture you have. You don't need to have your pic with their official photographer. I think same goes with any other PRC offices. But if they insist that you should have your pic with them its a different story.
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    Well it seems that its different since our regional director Ma'am Lily ann is much stricter (but she is very professional and I admire her strictness) here in Iloilo. What you can do is call the PRC office here's their office number (033) 3292730 and ask their staff since they are accommodating enough to answer your query..As far as 'Im concerned when I had my license renewal last may 2008, it has to be taken by the official photographer but I'm sure they give a little leeway since you are out of the country..godbless!
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    Is it possible to renew my prc license in not in the prc office where i registered? I aegistered in prc-iloilo. Can i renew my license in prc -manila?
    If possible, what are the requirements?
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    I think its possible because I took the exam in manila before then after passing I applied for my PRC card here in cebu. I think your file is connected to the main office and branches can access it anytime. Godbless.
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    what are the requirements to renew one's license? and how much? any idea?
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    got this from official PRC website:

    Requirements for Manual Procedure of Renewal of Professional ID:

    1. Duly accomplished form
    2. Two (2) pcs. passport size picture: close-up, colored, plain white background, with complete name tag (some office requires PRC official photograph with logo)
    3. Photo/Xerox copy of recent professional ID card
    4. In case of LOST professional ID card which is still current, the applicant shall submit a notarized affidavit of Loss
    5. In case of DESTROYED professional ID card, the applicant shall surrender the destroyed card.
    I'm not absolutely sure with regards to the payment, but it was less than 300php..I think...let's wait for other's to comment on the actual cost, maybe they have an idea...