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PICC Line Insertions / IV Team

  1. 0 I work in the US as an IV Nurse who is trained to do PICC line insertions at the beside under ultrasound. I was wondering if anyone has heard of specialty trained RNs that are able to insert PICC lines in Australia? I have yet to hear of this through my research.

    Also, does anyone know if any facilities there utilize a specialty IV Team or Vascular Access team?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    Not to my knowledge, never come across it (I am in the country), though I have heard some chemo centres have RNS doing it. Cannulating for IV access is a common skill for RNs here, same as blood taking, this is expected on acute wards, but Picc line teams, no.
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    My hospital has a nurse-run PICC team, so it does exist here

    We also have a vascular access nurse, but he coordinates haemo patients rather than inserting vascaths and permacaths, so that may not be what you had in mind.
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    pretty much the same as talaxandra said. Out PICC team is nurse run based in the recovery room.