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Hi, I got the NMC decision letter to take the ONP with additional 3 to 6 months supervised practice programme. I'm on the research stage now of determining which University to enrol and whether I should avail the services of... Read More

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    Quote from sharrie
    If you have a job offer letter with sponsership from an NHS trust and with those terms and conditions it sounds fine to me.

    Ohh thanks Sharie for your confirmation
    I hope everything would good
    I would be leaving soon
    So i was just worried
    Hope everything turns out well
    Hope you can help me in near future too
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    @ronvil & bigbrother88

    hello there! just want to ask if both agencies you've mentioned before require that their applicants be currently working in a hospital setting? do they also deploy nurses to nursing homes not just hospitals in UK?

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    Anybody care to comment about ASC global (Drake)?


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