Nursing jobs with oil companies

  1. 0 I am looking for a job as an RN on an oil platform or in Iraq or Afgahanistan. I'm an emergency room RN with over 20 years experience and am a retired Army Nurse. I'm hitting nothing but dead ends in my search. Anyone have any experience in this area or concrete ideas?
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    What would you like to know? I work internationally offshore, and have for several years now.
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    Did you try contacting HR at Haliburton and KBR? As an Iraq vet, I can tell you those were the two biggest contractors hiring civilian personnel there. However, I never met a nurse...only paramedics.
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    Thread moved to the International Forum since it is specific to working in another country.
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    [quote=rigmedic;2817331]What would you like to know? I work internationally offshore, and have for several years now.[/quot

    To Rigmedic: I am looking for a contact person or company that hires nurses/medics for oil rigs in any location, particularly New Guinea, Australia, the US, or the UK. If you can help, please contact me via pm. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.
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    You may find if looking at the UK area you need to registered in the UK with teh NMC and that is a lengthy process. Also nurses in the UK are struggling to find work so may not be as easy as you think. Also may find it hard if you need a work permit for the UK also

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