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  1. I know this may have been asked before, but I need some recent information.

    I just got licensed as an LPN in the U.S.... well yesterday actually. My boyfriend/ will be husband is in the military and will be stationed in Germany in a few months. I will have some experience as an LPN in the US (although a few months will probably be the case). Really though... What are the prospects for LPN/ Licensed Practical Nurses in Germany or on US Army bases in Germany and getting a job on the base. ( Kaiserlaudern is where we would be really).

    I am also interested in what the options are off base. Obviously I would nee to learn German... but has anyone worked as an American off base? What are the qualifications?

    Thanks for all the help!
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  3. by   douxmusique
    Im not sure about working on the german economy but you can look up jobs in kaiserslautern and even ramstein air base using usajobs dot com. See what you can find there. There should be a lot. But I doubt you will be working with the germans.... they look down on our healthcare system and professionals in general (just from my experience living over there) just like we wont always accept foreign credentials here. Also if youre not married when you get over there you will not be getting a job easily with spouse preferences.
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  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I think you will find that Germany doesn't use LPN's. As far as I am aware the EU only trains RN's now I think this has something to do with how members of the EU can move around and work
  6. by   ms_lezah
    I just want to ask is second courser in nursing allowed to work as a nurse even if you just taken nursing 2 and half years? because im also a graduate of pgysical therapy....
  7. by   shot_z
    I'm from Germany, not far from Kaiserslautern and my best advice would be to look at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, one of the most renowned medical facilities in Europe and the entire military and is less than 30minutes from Kaiserslautern(also known as K-town). You might also want to try to research any and all spousal employment opportunities and possibilities b/c other than the previously mentioned medical center, every larger military post has at least a sort of group medical practice w/ primary care physicians and specialists. Plus it has a lot of additional info from where to shop, where to live, volunteering and educational possibilities. I hope this helps and good luck to both of you!