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A P.A. friend of mine was talking to a nurse that he works with at the E.D. that said he took a 9 month nursing contract in Afghanistan that paid 180k tax free. Anyone know where these jobs can be... Read More

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    Hi annie_bee.
    I came across this convo here and you reply is the most recent one so just trying my luck. Im greatly interested in working there as a fulltime Nurse. I dont know where to start off in finding the ones recruiting the Nurses. It will be really appreciated if you would give me some pointers, ideas or instruction on how I can start off. Im very much willing to be relocated, trained and the likes for many reasons apart from the income and I agree on what you said, the diversity and most importantly, lifelong lessons youll learn. Hoping for your feedback.

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    HI Coronel Kat,
    Please let me know what info you have found out as well. The closest thing i came to was a company who hires for saudi and quatar. But I'm interested in the Afgh and the Iraq region as well. Whatever you find is much appreciated. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks so much.
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    i met an ex-military paramedic that had recently retired from the military. he told me about the following website...and that he was going to retire in five years! i've been debating on paying the $50 lifetime membership fee, but they apparantly collect the contractor jobs from all over, and who is getting the contracts from the government, etc. if anyone decides to try it, i would be very interested on what you find.

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