Nurse Midwifery; RN's eligibility for RM

  1. Registered Nurses in the Philippines may indeed challenge the Midwifery Exam; provided they meet the proper criteria in deliveries by the deadlines. The next exam will be November 13 and 14 (Sat Sun) with application deadline of October 26th, 2010.

    From the PRC Board of Midwifery Website:

    Section 19. Registration of Nurse-Midwife.- Certification of registration may be issued to registered
    nurses who pass the examination for midwives: Provided, That the nurse, before being allowed to take
    examination show evidence to the Board of having actually handled twenty (20) delivery cases as certified to by
    the director or chief of a duly registered or recognized hospital, or by the proper municipal, city, or provincial
    health officer.

    Section 20. Fees of Examination and Registration.- Applicants for examination for the practice of
    midwifery shall pay an examination fee as prescribed by the Professional Regulation Commission.

    Section 21. Inhibition Against Practice of Midwifery.- No person shall practice or offer to practice
    midwifery in the Philippines, as defined in this Act, without holding a valid certificate of registration & a
    professional license as midwife.

    Section 23. Practice of Midwifery Defined.- The practice of midwifery consist in performing or rendering,
    or offering to perform or render, for a fee, salary, or other reward or compensation, services requiring an
    understanding of the principles and application of procedures and techniques in the supervision and care of
    women during pregnancy, labor and puerperium management of normal deliveries, including the performance
    of internal examination during labor except when patient is with antenatal bleeding; health education of the
    patient, family and community; primary health care services in the community, including nutrition and family
    planning, in carrying out the written order of physicians with regard to antenatal, intra-natal and post-natal care
    of the normal pregnant mother, in giving immunization, including oral and parenteral dispensing of oxytoxic drug
    after delivery of placenta, suturing perineal lacerations to control bleeding, to give intravenous fluid during
    obstetrical emergencies provided they have been trained for that purpose; and may inject Vitamin K to the
    newborn: Provided, however, That this provisions shall not apply to students in midwifery schools who perform
    midwifery services under the supervision of their instructors, nor to emergency cases.

    There are no other statutes listed that cover Midwifery...Nor any directives on the PRC website that change any of the requirements as outlined in the Midwifery Act.

    Hope this clarifies things for nurses wishing to take the midwifery exam!

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  3. by   markmarkmrk
    Hi i was wondering, I'm just a newly graduated BSN student. I've heard stories that you can be a nurse and at the same time complete 20 delivery cases and take the midwife exam to be a RM? I really want to be a RN and at the same time a Registered Midwife. But, my friend told me that i have to study Midwifery (4 year course) and then will be eligible to take the Midwifery board exams? Is it true? And if so, what am i supposed to do to become one? thank you.
  4. by   Hoss
    The regulations are quite clear as posted above; A REGISTERED nurse (must have completed and passed the NLE and have an active license) may sit for the Midwifery exam provided the required 20 deliveries (AFTER YOU ARE REGISTERED!) as supervised and certified according to the guidelines are completed prior to taking the exam. No other education requirement is mentioned for a BSN, RN candidate to challenge the midwifery exam. All you need is your professional license and BSN degree to challenge the exam and meet the 20 deliveries requirement.

    It does not state anywhere in the Midwifery act that an additional 4 years of college be required. You can also attend a certified Midwifery school (even without the BSN) and meet the educational requirements. It appears that some schools are trying to squeeze extra tuition out of graduate BSN's to futher "qualify" as a midwife in the Philippines.....translate that as M O N E Y.......

    Read the act in its entirety as posted from the PRC website!
  5. by   nej0586
    hi im a newly registered nurse and im very interested to take the midwifery exam...iam already aware of the requirements needed for me to have the examination but my problem is the completion of cases.i dont think that i can finish it before october 26 which is the last day of filing for the said examination...does anybody know if we are still allowed to take it next year?2011?
  6. by   Nurse_ian
    I have already completed the cases and will submit my requirements by october 1st week... i am looking for good midwifery review center... where can you suggest..?
  7. by   ed009,RN
    @ nurse ian: have u already submit ur reqts for midwifery exam? did they allow u to take? i heard from my former clinical instructor that Board of midwifery are very strict with RN's who want to take the exam especially those who are New Nurses like us. Pls give me update colleague! tnx
  8. by   ezela
    Bad thing it is just today that I learned this info. Some says this law has changed just this year 2010. That RN shall take the 2 year midwifery course then take the exam. But from the info above, it means that until this very day (Nov.21, 2010) a RN just need to complete 20 cases and submit it to PRC and challenge the Midwifery exam. Right? I am so interested with this.

    anyone who knows when will be the next midwifery exam?

    please help. Thanks and God bless!