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I'm currently an RPN student, almost finished my schooling. I also currently work in a LTC facility, and a hospital casually, and i've worked in other LTC homes during clinical rotations. I also have... Read More

  1. by   Smith.C74
    Quote from RescueNinja
    How can someone say that a person is in nursing (or any other profession) for the "wrong" reasons? I bet that your "wrong" reasons are not the same as my "wrong" reasons or their "wrong" reasons.
    My appologies if I didn't clarify what I meant. Some of the students currently taking the practical nursing programs are doing so because they were pushed into it by a career counsellor or other professional to get them back to work and the program is one than many know is covered under the Second Career program in Ontario. Nursing isn't a field they're suited to, but they may have felt like they weren't given a choice to do something else. The individuals that were pushed into the program when they'd rather take something else are the ones I meant didn't belong in the program. They don't have the desire to work in the field and took the spot of someone who has been working for years trying to get in but there isn't the space.

    I agree that we may have differing reasons of why people shouldn't be in the program. However, that doesn't mean that either reason does not have a valid rationalle.
  2. by   TaylorMade
    I think wherever there are jobs that pay decent wages, there will always be people applying for so-called "wrong reasons". I worked in the legal world for years and saw so many unhappy law students and lawyers - they got into the field for the money. Similarly there are doctors and dentists out there whose goals are monetary rather than altruistic. I'm sure there are a zillion people working on the lines in the automobile industry that are there just for a paycheque. If it makes it more competive for others, it's frustrating but that's life, I guess.
  3. by   linzz
    Indeed it is a fact of life, wrong person in the wrong job however as mentioned it is no fun for the patient. My son saw a dentist who I would say was in the wrong profession and it was a terrible experience. Fortunately there are many dentists to switch to.

    I am not saying that nurses have no reason to be unhappy but I can understand what the op is saying to a degree.
  4. by   TaylorMade
    Good point! Seems quite often when we are receiving bad care or service from a miserable or depressed person - it's a person who dislikes their job. And I definitely don't want an unhappy dentist putting a drill into my teeth!
  5. by   leotard.paradigm
    I most definitely agree!
    When I spent sometime in the hospital as a patient I had one nurse who was a complete cow to me! I eventually got so tired of her I asked her why she chose nursing if she hated people. Needless to say, she wasn't very pleased about that and I was subject to another week and a half of dirty looks.