moving to the US soon, have some questions

  1. hello everyone!

    I've recently graduated from nursing school in Israel. my husband has been admitted for a PhD in Michigan, and we will be arriving this year, right after I sit for the Israeli nursing registration exam.
    we've been assigned a J-visa, so I'll be entering the US on a J-2 status.
    I've started gathering information about our coming relocation and it's meaning, on my account.
    I understand I need to start by obtaining a CGFNS and only after that will I be granted permission to sit for the NCLEX.

    I have a few questions:
    1. must I wait after I pass the registration in my country in order to open an account at CGFNS, or is it possible to start even before that?
    2. Do you know if the Michigan board of nursing still asks for CGFNS?
    3. is there a chance to work at a hospital in some way before I obtain my American registration, or must I wait until after the NCLEX when my license comes through?

    is there any one here who did anything similar, as in came to the US on a non-immigrant visa, as part of a partner being relocated from work, and seeking a license and a job in the US?

    I must admit I'm feeling a bit blown off with all the information, and I'm really afraid that I might be missing onsomething important or I might just waste valuable time, and I really hate that to happen.

    help, please!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You can work as long as your J2 is sorted but can not work as a RN until you have met state requirements and passed NCLEX

    You can start the process with CGFNS (CES report) however you will need to meet all requirements before they will complete the report and forward it to the state of choice. Links to state BON can be found at the bottom of the page and the site should be up to date on requirements as international trained
  4. by   five_apples
    thank you so much for your quick reply!

    your answer affirms what I thought the process requires.
    in this case, I'll have to wait until the beginning of October, when my Israeli registration comes through.
    since I understand that the whole process takes about 8 months I think I'll start out with applying for a standard work permit (I-765), so I can work while I wait for all the necessary qualification to come through.

  5. by   ghillbert

    Looks like you'll need a background check and fingerprinting for Michigan, CES course-by-course report from CGFNS, CGFNS Language Report if your course was not taught in English. You could prob start getting the fingerprint/background check stuff done.

    Read carefully though - I don't know that you have to get your local license, seems after a quick skim that it just says IF you have a local license that you need to get it verified etc. If you don't need local license you could apply for CES as soon as you have your transcripts from school.
  6. by   five_apples

    thank you so much for your detailed reply!

    I'm still wondering - where do I start? do I approach the BON in Michigan first, or do I start off with the whole CGFNS process and go to the BON just after I have my CGFNS complete? or should I (could I) do it simultaneously?

    since I've learned from the CGFNS website that the language proficiency test is valid for 2 years, I'm planning on taking it while I'm still in my homeland, sometime soon, I guess.

    I thought about writing to the BON asking should I have my Israeli registration cleared before I start the process. is that considered appropriate (addressing the BON by mail as an individual)?

  7. by   Ginger's Mom
    Go to the Michigan BOn web site,if you have questions call them for clarification, they are the source of truth. I would not start any evaluation process whoch is costly without checking with them first.
  8. by   juan de la cruz
    I used to live in Michigan (Detroit area) and is licensed as an RN and NP there. I have a foreign BSN degree. Michigan now requires CES and CGFNS Language Report as a previous poster already stated. However, you can still take the CGFNS qualifying exam and use it in place of CES. It's probably better to get the CES instead...the time frame for processing is probably the same without having to take a test.

    Michigan tends to be very slow in processing RN applications. It has been that way even back in the 90's when I initially applied for RN there. I would submit application to both CGFNS and Michigan BON simultaneously and just wait until everything clears and you get a license. You can call and verify with the BON, it may take a lot of attempts and numeorus rings but you do get someone eventually.

    From what I've been hearing, hospitals in Michigan wouldn't even give you an interview without having received your RN license first. The job outlook is tougher right now for new grads depending on which part of Michigan you are heading to. Detroit has many hospital systems but there are many nursing schools as well. Ann Arbor has a couple of big hospitals but may have an oversaturation of professionals (including RN's) because of it's college town appeal.
  9. by   ghillbert
    Can't apply for CES until you have a transcript. As per my last post, I would start with the background check and fingerprinting, then send your application in for CES when you have transcripts from your nursing degree.
  10. by   juan de la cruz
    The OP didn't say that she didn't have her transcript yet.
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