Is masteral program in australia gives an eligibility to be an rn there? - page 2

guys just want to ask for help.. Im graduating with a bachelors degree in nursing this coming march.. Im planning to take up masteral in australia.. If i finish my masteral degree there, does it gives me an opportunity to be a RN... Read More

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    can you give me the requirements? do i still need to take exams to prove that im eligible for registration? what is the process? thanks

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    If you go thru the six month program there then you do not need to take any exams there and can get licensed there directly without going thru another nursing program. The only major requirement that you need to meet is that you must take and pass the NLE before doing a thing.

    Each state in Oz has its own requirements, just like the US. Much has been written on this topic, please just do a search.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    but the programs that you are speaking of are for those that do not have nurse's training in the first place. he will already possess a bsn and can qualify for the rn license in australia if he completes the requirements for that. why should he go for a program that is going to be similar to the bn when he will already have the bsn?
    this makes no sense whatsoever.

    i am not encouraging him to go through the program. i am merely clarifying or explaining whatever he was asking in the first place. i am in no position to tell him what to do. for you it may make no sense, but for the op it might - that's why he asked that in the original post imho.

    these programs are for those that possess a bachelor's degree in another field and instead of going for a second bachelor's degree, then can go for the master's. but it will also be much faster to get the rn licensure in australia by using the bsn that he will have in the first place as well as save thousands of dollars in tuition.

    those programs are also applicable for those who already possess a bsn degree. i agree that it will be faster and more cheaper if he go thru the registration right away, and that is why i directed him to the thread where fellow filipinos without experience is guided on the different options to go to australia and work as a nurse.

    student visas there have the same requirements that the us student visas have, one cannot work more than 20 hours per week. it is not a correction to what i posted, i was correct in what i stated as well as the fact that the student has to prove that they are going to be able to provide for themselves and afford the tuition. remember that there is no country that will permit a full-time student on a student visa to attend school full-time as well as work full-time.

    "makes much more sense to go this route than what you want to do as one cannot work while on the student visa."

    you said one cannot work while on a student visa (quoted above), which is wrong. and the provisions of the student visa in australia is different from the usa. in australia, the student is allowed to work 20 hours per week in any job while classes are ongoing which is different from the us - because they only can work within the school/uni right? also, the student in australia is allowed to work for unlimited hours during vacation breaks (approx 4 months a year, depending on the course) which is not the same with the us student visa.


    hope that clarifies everything.
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    Quote from ronaldtanael
    can you give me the requirements? do i still need to take exams to prove that im eligible for registration? what is the process? thanks

    If you have the time, you can go through the thread I have given you and it explains most, if not, all of the vital information, steps, requirements for the different options you have for Australia. Each state has its own guidelines and some requires an exam while others do not.

    The length of the programs varies as well and can go from a few days up to several months.
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    Just to clarify things, the poster actually started seveal different threads and one of them they were speciically asking about going for the three year Bachelor's in Nursing program. That did not make sense since they already will have a four year BSN and can get licensed in a much faster time. After reading all of their posts, have been under the assumption that he was not aware of the requirements of just going for licensure directly there and that is why was pointing them in that direction. No sense to attend school for several more years when the goal is to be licensed there as an RN, plain and simple.
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    They will evaluate your records and then make a determination.
    All are required to take and pass their local license first of all before you can be considered. Then if one has two years or more of experience, then can get the asessment waived.

    There is a six month program that if you get thru that, you are automatically granted the RN license, or there is an assessment that you have to take where you get tested on each of the sections and need to pass them all and then the six month program can be waived.

    Either way, both of these routes are significantly faster than attending a program all over again.

    Much has been written on getting licensed in Australia, please just look for those threads and best of luck to you.

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