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Hi, I have become incredibky frustrated by the lack of information available to me.. I am a UK qualified (Adult nurse) I have been in the process of having my credentials reviewed by CGFNS.. 9 months in I am still none the... Read More

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    Hi guys thanks for this! I too am qualifying this year and im in London. However, I also want to find out any information on make up courses. It appears Im the only one that did children! So I did children \( peads) nursing. But in first year did theroy on mental health, vulnerable adults and some other related adults bits in CFP ( Common Foundation Programme).

    Could you please tell me pnjabibarbie it appears you recently did similar uk copurse and was sucessful. could you shed more light. I am looking to try get licensed in NY/NJ too. I am completing paperwork here in uk to be registered with NMC but i am starting ball rolling early.

    Please please every one help! Any information on this would be grateful and again I did peads with some theory adults in first years but no clinical in adults all children

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    If anyone wants to message me with an email address, I can send you details of my theory/clinical hours and in what subjects from uni. These are what CGFNS said were sufficient to qualify for their exam.
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    Quote from queenbee100
    Hi, Silverdragon. I am a uk nursing student just qualified but my situation is soooo different. I did the children nursing ( peads) . But in my first year in CFP- i did essays and theor on vulnerable adults, mental health but not sure if these will be counting by BON in states, can you shed some light for me as peads UK trains

    i am starting to reseach this early as i was told this process can be a year but with deficiencies in hours i am getting lost and not sure what to do. help!!!
    Did you do any clinical work in Mental Health? both clinical and theory will be required to meet BON requirements. If you do not have deficiency in clinical and theory then generally processing times are 4-6 months. If you require a work visa or immigrant visa then that is when problems arise
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    Hello, I can't send a message but would really like the details of your theory/clinical hours! Is there any way you can message me first? Or I can give my email address to you on here. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi raistke1 i tried senidng you my email but it didnt go through. not sure if i can put it on this site but its or can you message me to my inbox on this website and we can talk. Thanks
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    Hi Silverdragon , sorry for late reply. Please see my reply below thanks. Please can you reply to my question again thanks

    I am in such a daze as I am in the opposite position but would like someone to clarify. The other thing is i also hold a degree in social work and in my socialwprk i did mental health with adults and could get those transcript..SO WOULD THAT PRACTICE HOURS AND MY THEORY HOURS BE ACCEPTABLE FROM A SOCAIL WORK DEGREE????

    my social work degree i had mental helath placement working with adults, both theory and practice not in hospital but in a centre and also outreach where i had to visit them in the home.
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    No, only psych/mental health training in a nursing program will meet the requirements. The training & scope of practice of social work vs nursing is not interchangeable. You need to have clinical and theory in mental health/psychiatric nursing.
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    Also note per site policy a minimum of 15 quality posts are required to send/reply within the private messaging system unless one upgrades to a paid premium membership
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    Thanks Justbeachy nurse. Sorry I had problems posting early , it kept on doing multiple posts and i didnt know how to delete.

    Ok sound no social work credits can be use. Got it. I have dont some theory in mental health in my first year of traning in whats called, 'Common foundation programme' which was more adult base and complete essays on vulnerable adults- mental health but i guess as i had no clinical placement in adults , then thats a BIG problem

    can you or anyone PLEASE let me know if theres any way a UK trained paed (children) nurse got through or around this and was able to work in states????? HELPPPP

    Also few years ago i have lived there two years so i still have my social security number. Is there any colleges or uni in states ( esp. New York) that i would be able to do courses in just the adult mental health etc that i need???
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    There is no way round it unless you find a course/s that meet requirements and offer both clinical and theory at the same time

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