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!!!! Just found out that I am eligible for a license with the UK!!!!! Here is my journey as an American nurse: In 2010 after marrying my British hubby, I started to research into getting a British nursing license as well as... Read More

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    Thanks Coffee nurse- I would consider the Bournmouth one- but it's 4 days 4 weeks apart!? I just want to get it done. Did you go there each day for the class then home?

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    Lord no, that would've been insanely expensive. The reason why they spread out the days like that is because technically, you're supposed to be spending something like 120 hours in the class. Bournemouth lets you do less time physically in class, but for whatever reason the NMC still wants you to be in the country for that long, and anyways, Bournemouth gives you this long workbook that takes a week or two to fill out. I don't know how other programs do it, but it's probably not going to be much better.
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    ? So, the dates listed are not the CLASS dates? or an I misreading that?
    I should probably just ring them tomorrow.
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    The dates listed are the days you spend physically in class. They make up for the fact that this is clearly not 120 hours of classtime by making you fill out a workbook that takes a week or more to finish.
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    Thanks for the post Baby RN it has been nice to see the whole process layed out. To know that the long delays are part of the process has helped settle my frustration.

    I know it is part of the dance we have to do to get to the outcome, it just feels like the record is stuck sometimes. (hmm just showed my age with the record comment lol)
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    Incidentally I trained in the UK, and a quick search online recently showed that of my group of 22 nurses, only 3 remained in the UK.

    That's incredible and quite sad too SKYLARK-when did you train?
    babyRN -what do you think about the differences in RN salaries?
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    Miss Woosie, hahahahah, um, yeah. I filed taxes on ~$75,000 that doesn't include my agency or over-time work. Granted, I live in a metropolitan area, but looking at Band 5 Salary, the range is ~21,000-28,000 pounds which is about $33k-$43k? Even if you maxed out by living in inner London, it's another $10k at most. Yeesh. Not to mention housing prices which are astronomical in the London area.

    I am not going to the UK for the money, that much is clear! My DH is in school to become a teacher (has an undergrad from the UK in physics) and I'm sure that teachers make even less. We will probably lose a lot of potential income from moving to the UK, but life is not all about money and our future kids being able to see their grandparents on a more than once a year basis is worth it for my family. Not to mention being exposed to their heritage and culture. I feel a little sad that they won't be intrinsically linked to the British culture by virtue of living in the US for the first few years. Because, no, I won't have my kids over there because we can't afford to move over right now in the midst of paying off our student loans and car debt and I'm certainly not going to wait >5 years to have kids.
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    The starting salary is around the same as the police force and teachers, but it's the lack of availability of higher graded positions in nursing and the pathetic yearly incremental yearly rises on each scale that leaves nurses way behind over the ongoing years.When agenda for change happened in ?2007 ( was supposed to grade positions across professions equally) because the largest % of employees in the NHS are nurses they were shafted basically. So you might have a physiotherapist with similar (or less IMO) responsibility and qualifications as a nurse but the job was banded as a 7 whilst the nursing job was banded as a 6!There are play coordinators on kids wards who were banded as 5 s and secretaries who were banded as 4s.The other thing is the overlap of salaries between the bands, so, for example, when I secured a lecturer practitioner position at band 7 and my salary increase was less than 1k a year to something like 32k.In some ways it's a disincentivefor nurse to apply for , for eg ,band 6 clinical nurse specialist posts because the pay rise doesn't cover the money lost from enhanced shift payments. Some of the ward based band 5s were taking home more than I was on a 7- without any overtime.The first job I was offered here in the US was at coordinator level and salary was 65k $.It's not just the money though- it's the way the NHS treats nurses and the fact that when anyone else says they can't do that task anymore eg EU working time directive for Drs or shortage of support services it's always the nurses who are expected to pick up the slack.One of the worst things I ever heard was a pt being transferred from acute care to Long term care and the ambulance staff called the ward after they had the pt in the ambulance to say that they had been incontinent of faeces in the loading bay at the front of the hospital and they needed a nurse to come down and clean it up!Off went the nurse (RN) from the ward with a bucket of water!
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    Yay I have just heard I have been succesful with my decision letter and now have to do only 20 days ONP. The decision process took 4 week but for some reason it takes 2 weeks to post a letter.... and I thought Australia post was slow.

    I have a sponsor so I'm hoping to be there in April

    *doing a happy dance now*
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    Where are you taking your ONP? Finishing my onsite part of it today in Manchester ( now to finish 2 papers before I can get my pin)

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