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Hi, I will be graduating from nursing this summer and am looking to relocate to Toronto in August/September 2011. With all the shortages of nursing jobs around Canada, I wanted to get an idea of what the job prospects are for... Read More

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    LTC is a good starting ground, you develop your skills, learn time management and are up to date on all your BP meds and insulins.

    People have to start remembering that a huge part of the acute care population is made up of seniors. Ortho, GI, Opthamology, Dialysis, Cardiology, the bulk of those patients are over 60. The skills you honed in LTC are so relevant in these areas.
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    Quote from wilsonh3
    I've been looking for 4 months now with ONE call-back and that was only from my final placement. I also have a previous bachelor of arts degree (which counts for nothing). Of 150 people in my program (YorkU 2nd degree entry) I believe 4 people have secured jobs. The nursing situation is terrible here; I will likely find a non-nursing job which is depressing since I've spent 7 years in university, consistently being near the top of the class, and now need to find the same job as one who has only a high-school diploma. I have accessed many career resources and none have been helpful. Toronto is a terrible. I would suggest going/living/working elsewhere or finding a non-nursing job (at least in the meantime). You can always work in geriatrics/gerontology too but I'm personally not willing to get paid less to work a job I have no interest in. Sorry!
    My friend is working in a LTC 1-2hrs away from T.O. and she's making ~$32/hr plus shift diff. perm P/T. She graduated 2010. Most hospitals pay $28-29/hr. The LTC she works for is owed by the city. I'm a new grad myself, and I've been applying to LTCs owned by the municipal gov'ts. It seems to me that LTC owned by the gov't or has a union of some sort usually pays equal to or more than the hospital. Nursing is my first career and I've always been top of my class too; it doesn't seem to matter. I've talked to an HR recruiter and she said that in their* hospital look highly on experience (i.e., your clinical placements). Therefore, you MIGHT be at a disadvantage if you didn't have the ever so popular med/surg exp. or the specific clinical placement that they're looking for.

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