Irish Nurse trying to work in USA

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    Hey there folks!

    SO heres the story,

    I am qualified three years, the first two of which evolved around cardiothoracics etc, then I went on to ICU, and worked in a very busy 16bed ITU.

    Now I want to make a move to the US, prob somewhere on the east coast, maybe NYC/Boston, and work in ICU there!

    I am basically looking for any help/info/guidance about this!

    THanks in advance guys!;-)


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    If you look along the top of the home page there is a Region tab which has an international option. If you go in there you may find some useful information.
    Hope this helps.
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    FYI, Boston and NYC are both very tight job markets right now (Boston especially, even for experienced nurses). I don't know exactly how your Irish citizenship (it sounds like you're not planning on immigrating?) would affect your application, but I doubt it would help you, when there's so many local nurses looking for work. Definitely ask in the international forum, though, and see if there's any softer markets on the east coast that would be easier for you to break into.
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    I have no idea how this works with a foreign citizenship but Syracuse has a lot of nursing jobs. (Nothing else here but snow, though.)
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    The nursing market has been very slow in US. I am a nurse here with 4yrs experience and am looking for a job in other countries and Ireland is one of them. Check with some hospitals in those states and see if they might be willing to hire you, i dont want to say its impossible, but i would say its not going to be that easy. Some hospitals are actually cutting down hours for nurses.
    Why do u want to leave Ireland?
    Good luck!
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    Currently there is a retrogression and will take you a few years to go through the process at the moment. Starting point would be meeting a state's requirements for foreign trained nurse and sit and pass NCLEX, next hurdle will be finding a employer and they then file for immigrant visa. Have you tried the GC lottery being Irish I think you are qualified to enter?
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    cheers! will check it out!!
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    thanks a million, yeah its pretty much the same over ere, im hitting on 4yrs qualified, and just wanted to travel a bit, dont like the notion of Auz, liked US any time i was on holidays there!! Recession is a ball breaker in Ireland at the mo, so why not travel;-) Thanks for the reply;-)
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    Have you tried looking up any of the travel nursing websites for the US?
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    Quote from JohnN
    Have you tried looking up any of the travel nursing websites for the US?
    Doesn't matter the issue is obtaining a work visa or immigrant visa allowing you to work in the US, currently very hard to get

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