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can i take the nclex-pn here in the philippines? can u please assist me pls. im waiting your reply, god bless us all............:spin::spin::spin:, im a bsn graduate under board, can i take nclex-pn... Read More

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    hi. ms. susan. its been a long time i haven't visited this website because i am working as a caregiver and my new client doesnt have any signal for wifi.

    ms. susan remember that i was applying for nclex exam? and i did send a letter to the BRN, i called 2weeks ago, they said that they WAIVED my letter and i can now take the NCLEX but before they do that they have to recieve my school papers which i did last april 2008 but i gues it was misplaced so my school will send another one again.
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    HI MS. SUZANNE. i already recieved my ATT from pearsonvue via EMAIL just this day. 11/17/08. the BRN of Sacramento waived my letter of explaination. i am so glad and i am thankful for your help too.

    i am now going to start studying and hopefully i can avail or try suzanne's study plan. thank you verymuch miss suzanne.
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    Be aware that just because you received permission to test, the file is still going to be reviewed by someone in a different dept; there is no guarantee that they will automatically issue a license to you without all of the requirements being met.

    When they make a requirement, then it is normally assumed that it will be followed.

    Best of luck to you.