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how to pass ielts

  1. 0 Hi guys! please help me in my ielts. i get depressed on my review. i've been practicing for months already and yet i'd still got low results please give me more tips and advices. i don't know my weakness neither strength. i find all those four categories difficult.
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    Speaking English is not really a nursing issue. But, watch American TV, converse with Americans in English as much as possible. You need great communication skills as a nurse so passing this test is so important.
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    Also try watching American movies. Like the previous poster said, speak with as many native English speakers as possible. Perhaps find a pen pal to practice your written linguistics. Read American or other English language newspapers (even online) or magazines. There are many idiosynchrasies in English language and it takes time to become proficient.
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    subscribe to for speking practice also get baron and band 7 academic lELTS text books these will help you.
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    thank you guys. i will definitely take those advices. and l promise to pass this exam
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    which is better to take? idp or the British one? 'cause I've heard that the british council is more generous than idp? is this true? please advise. thank you.........
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    Quote from VidaRN

    which is better to take? idp or the British one? 'cause I've heard that the british council is more generous than idp? is this true? please advise. thank you.........
    I've heard a lot of assumptions that IDP is "more generous" than British Council, or British Council is "more generous" than IDP. I don't know if it's true. What I do know is that IELTS is a standardized examination. Meaning, it doesn't matter what agency is giving the test because they have to follow the set standard of the the test, which may include the degree of difficulty. And as long as you know the test format, the subject (English language), and the techniques on answering, you'll be fine, regardless of the test agency.

    Regarding your IELTS score dilemma. With the scores that you earned, you can tell which sub test needs more studying. If all your scores are low, then I would build on the English language foundation. Like what other members have posted, read books, magazine, or any reading materials in English. Watch English language films, TV shows (NatGeo, Discovery Channel), news (CNN, BBC, etc). Watching documentaries and news will not only make you familiar with the language but also will make you aware of some general knowledge or current events which maybe asked in the test. You can also try using English as much as possible in your text messages, facebook, etc.

    Practice, practice and practice is all you need to master the English language.
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    thank you for enlightening me it makes me more determined to pass this exam. i will surely take your advice thank you so much