Does age really matter for the registration??

  1. I am a qualified nurse from India and I am going to apply for the registration with NMC. But I found in their site that the person should be 17 years and 6 months old when they had started their nursing course. I have started my BSC in Nursing when I was 17 years and 2 months. I have cleared all the other requirements they have mentioned. So am I not qualified to process my application?
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  3. by   msmiranda21
    I think that is a silly requirement. I cannot recall any requirement such as that when I did my registration back in 2003 with NMC or UKCC before that.

    If that requirement stands...why not try goin' to Austalia instead?
  4. by   smitha 2010
    What is the scope for nurses in Australia? Are they able to develop their career there?
  5. by   XB9S
    In answer to your question you need to ask the NMC, at it's requirements try to ensure that overseas nurses are trained to a similar standards to UK nurses.
  6. by   ayla2004
    yeah chek with the NMC, nurisng student in the uk need to be 17.5 but im sure ive worked with international trained nurses who were younger than this im sure one nurse from the philpines was 20 when she finished a 4 year bsn.
  7. by   msmiranda21
    developing a nursing carreer in australia is quick...coz it is up to you. employers encourage you as soon as you join the organisation and you can actually claim back all expenses for your education from tax. there are a lot of groups as well where one can ask for scholarship.
    i have just been here for 3 years---and i already have my critical care certificate(as post grad). i remmeber back in uk, one has to wait for a long time to get into the icu course.
  8. by   akkuanna
    Hi smitha,

    I found from an earlier thread of urs that u didnt had 12 months post registartion experience...I am now facing the same situation...Can u let me know how did u proceeded with NMC registration n what was the outcome...i know its quite a time after march 2011 but i m seriously lookingfor an answer.. I have completed my B.Sc nursing from India and soon after finishing B.Sc nursing i got admission for M.Sc nursing. I finished Msc n moved to UK as dependent of my husband...Now since NMC is asking 12 months experience i am literally in soup...I have IELTS of band 8...only this experience thing is creating a block...any idea? any help appreciated....thanks
  9. by   XB9S
    The NMC requires a year for registration of overseas nurses, if you don't meet the criteria then you are not eligible.

    They would be the ones to let you know if there is any flexibility so I would advise you contact them.