Did your Predictor Test results match you passing the CPNRE? Did your Predictor Test results match you passing the CPNRE? | allnurses

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Did your Predictor Test results match you passing the CPNRE?

  1. 0 I was just curious about the Predictor Test and if it was actually accurate predicting your outcome with the CPNRE. If you received a score of 90-95% on the predictor test, did you actually pass? Or if you received a 30-35% on the predictor test, did you pass?

    Thanks in advance!:heartbeat
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    Not familiar with CPNRE, but where I went to school , we took two different predictor tests for the NCLEX in the final semester. One at the beginning of the year gave me an 84% chance, and the one right before graduation gave me a 96% chance, and I passes with 75 Qs...
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    I think I had 85 - 90 % chance of passing and I found the CPRNE not too difficult. I knew I passed when I walked out
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    I got 80-85% chance of passing on the first one with out really studying and 95-100% chance of passing after doing the review book. Unlike the above poster I thought for sure I had failed. I think I just started to have anxiety at the end of the afternoon session.

    Good luck to you, I think they are worth there money. I did not really study specifically for the CPNRE, but was a good student. I found it was a good resource that encouraged me to study and I treated the second on just like the test would be.
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    I did the CPNRE predictor tests and scored over 90%. I found the CPNRE to be quite easy and passed. Compared to the NCLEX, the CPNRE is a breeze. I just wish there weren't so many repetitive questions on the CPNRE.
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    I got 95-100% chance of passing, and did pass. I was so scared I'd failed, though. A few weeks ago, for fun, I took the CRNE predictor test, and it said I had an 75% chance of passing, and that was without reviewing anything!