compilation of past board exam questions

  1. hi i just want to know where i can get a compilation of past board exam questions. our reviewer told us that we should get from a reliable source and not from those street vendors in front of PRC. thanks a lot
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  3. by   lawrence01
    There is no such thing as reliable sources of compilation of past board exams. Makes no difference if it were from piracy or from someone "reliable". In fact, if you can get it from a specific "reliable" person/source he is in violation for copyright laws. Questionnaires from board exams are not suppose to be leaked out, remember?

    Closing this thread.
  4. by   suzanne4
    And I am adding this in for all to see, and then closing this again.

    To the poster above: You have already posted that you are reviewing at a center that was at the center of the testing scandal last summer. And now you are asking for a book on a compilation of questions from previous exams that your reviewer told you to get. What in the world were you thinking? This forum, as well as any other on the internet, are Googled all over the world, and you have just broken about every law that there is and you are bragging about it, if you look at it that way.

    You have done an excellent job of preventing yourself from ever working out of your country. What you have asked and stated that you are doing also does not sit well with any potential employer. Cheating is not a good thing and is not acceptable practice for here. Patients lives depend on what you know, not what you cheat with to get something done.

    Please take the time to seriously think about what you are doing, it is not helping you in the least bit. And you actually just caused yourself much harm.
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  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Best advice allnurses offers is to obtain a widely recognized Review Book that prepares for Philippine exam from bookstore in your area to study from. Review test taking tips, especiaily critical thinking aspects.

    Good Luck.
  6. by   lawrence01
    As a result of the leakage issue last year the questions on the question bank used by the previous BON have all been destroyed and never to be used again plus new ones were written by the new BON for the December Boards. New ones will also be written for the succeeding board examinations. There is really no use looking for compilations of past boards since everything will be new and the PRC and the new members of the BON are making sure that nothing gets out again.

    Also, this upcoming June NLE will include the voluntary re-takers from last year's compromised NLE so everything will be extra strict or airtight. Compilations will certainly not help as everything will be brand new.

    Right now, certain State BON (personally inquire on your respective State BON for this) are now allegedly requiring that one be a fully licensed RN in the the PI w/c they previously do not require. This maybe presumed to be a a result of what happened in the June NLE last year. So, even those who don't have any intentions to practice in the PI will be forced to take the exam if he wants to go to that certain State and if other State BON follows suit then applying for licensure to any State will take longer than usual for everyone and since only less than 50% traditionally passes the NLE and it is only given every 6 mos., majority will only be able to apply for licensure in 1 year's time. This effectively makes it hard and longer for everyone else, esp. those who really don't have any intentions to practice in the PI since they would be forced to take the NLE no matter what. It would also not be far out that the Visa Screening process will soon require everyone to be fully licensed in the PI first to be eligible if there are no improvements.
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