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    I am still very new here and trying to reach out.. Wondering how many Canadian Nursing Students there are out there????? If so what are you doing RN or RPN? Where are ya? etc... Just trying to connect with others..

    I am just starting my 1st year RPN course Sept 7th..I live in Ont. I do not like the BScN program at my local university.. which is ok by me since the RPN course is the old RN course and very hands on... My mom has been a nurse for 25 yrs.. Ok done talking now
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    I am starting the compressed RN program at UWO in september.
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    I'm starting the RN program at Kwantlen University College in British Columbia this September.
    I grew up in Ontario, I'm from Ajax. Moved out here 5 years ago.
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    I got accepted into the RPN part-time program at Humber College, but will be taking only one course in Sept, having baby #4 in January, and starting the program properly in Sept 2007.
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    I'm in my 3rd year of the nursing program at Douglas College in New Westminster. I'm working toward become a RN.
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    It is nice to see canadian nursing students... whoo hooo i don't feel so alone...
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    ok so im VERY late to the party but maybe you can give me some insight into the RPN program.I was just accepted to start in May at sheridan. Im also in ontario, im actually pretty nervous and any advice/words of wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    I plan on starting the RN bridging program next year, so I will be a student once again! You will love the RPN program, and there are lots of jobs from my experience. My floor is 50 - 50 RN to RPN ratio. You will love it
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    u bumped a thread that was 6 years old? really?
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement Ottawavalleynursing. Seeing your username makes me smile because i took an Ottawa Valley stepdancing course last semester lol.
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    @Novo - is there something wrong with someone commenting on an old thread?
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    A [FONT=arial black]6 year old thread? What do you think?
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    6 days or 6 years I don't think it matters. Everyone has the right to comment on any thread they like on here so not sure why anyone is every making any deal out of it lol