Bye Bye, Duckie

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    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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    Do you think they'll use the Code of Conduct and related clauses in his contract to call this a termination with cause, thereby not having to pay him is $616,000 severance? Now that would be the best-case scenario for sure!
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    If they have a brain they would. Whoops, wait, I'm associating brainpower with the Conservative Party.

    You know, we'd be out on our ear, ID tag ripped off our uniform by now.
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    I've heard he is getting severance. I'm glad he's gone but if this lulls taxpayers into thinking the PCs have vowed to get their **** together, I'm going to cry myself to sleep.
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    Hey check out the link I put on the other thread to Jack FM's version of the cookie incident - it's hilarious!

    Other than that - goodbye to bad rubbish!!
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    He's only getting severance because they "made a joint decision to part ways". One of those, "We're offering you the opportunity to resign" things. More $ down the hopper. The government is going to have a hard time recovering from this, I think.
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