Bridging programs for internationally educated nurses in Ontario

  1. Hi!

    I would like to know, how long will it take to finish the bridging program for nurses in Ontario. Especially for those who had their Bachelors degree in Nursing in the Philippines. Will it also depend on your years of experience?

    Im a registered nurse from the Philippines and is currently working here in Abu DHabi as an ER Nurse. Im planning to migrate to Canada by next year, in Ontario to be exact. That's why I'm searching for information that will help me to be able to find work faster.

    Thank you, your info's will help me a lot. God Bless
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  3. by   rogue2578
    After your assessment from CNO, they will determine if you will still have to do the bridging program.

    Your nursing experience maybe sufficient to fill in the baccaluarette equivalency and may not have to do the bridging program.

    But if fell short , you will be given a letter of direction.A bridging program depends on the schools accredited by CNO . They have 8 months maximum duration, you can visit their websites.

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  4. by   rxzza_louizze

    thanks for the info.. I'm still waiting for my assessment letter from CNO. I've emailed them a number of times already, its already 6 months waiting. According to their email last aug. 22: "A request has been sent to have your assessor remail the assessment letter."

    hope I will not do the bridging program, yet I'm preparing myself if it happens. Also I think I have to take the IELTS again because my writing is only 6.0 , (listening-8, reading-7.5, speaking 7). How I wish I would just have to repeat writing only. But sad to know that its not the case, i have to take IELTS all over again to have at least have a minimum band score of 6.5 on all subjects.

    for all nurses out there, please share some ideas and suggestions regarding my situation. your opinions are highly appreciated.

    thanks a lot and Godbless
  5. by   rogue2578

    After 6 months of waiting , I think its best to call them. Their service agents will able to tell your actual assessment. The determination for an eligibility is only up to 12 weeks maximum according to CNO. And that fact that your assessment have been requested for a re-mail, you may already have your answer long before you started the thread.

    I have been assessed by CNO and it only took 3 months. Not to mention my persistent phone calls on a twice a week basis, I got my answer a little head of schedule.

    Good luck..
  6. by   eueu
    do they require hospital experience to be eligible for the bridging program? thanks
  7. by   dishes
    rxzza louizze
    Are you planning to migrate to ontario independently or are you planning to migrate under family class? Either way, I think you need to be a permanent resident to take the bridging program.
  8. by   4vida
    Hi! Rogue,
    I am a registered nurse in the Phil. with a six months experience in OR and ER. I will be going to Alberta for a different line of job. Can I register as a nurse there while doing my another job? I already got the required ietls score. What are other documents needed?
    thanks so much in advance. God bless you
  9. by   Fiona59
    Have you read any of the thread in the Cdn. Forum? Alberta has a hiring freeze on nurses. Local new grads can't find jobs. If you are coming on a work visa, you are tied to that job.

    For those talking about Ontario, their economy is a mess and several posters are talking about the lack of jobs for local nurses.
  10. by   dishes
    Quote from 4vida
    Hi! Rogue,
    I am a registered nurse in the Phil. with a six months experience in OR and ER. I will be going to Alberta for a different line of job. Can I register as a nurse there while doing my another job? I already got the required ietls score. What are other documents needed?
    thanks so much in advance. God bless you
    hi 4vida
    you can start the application process before you come to canada, the list of documents you need to submit are listed on the CARNA website.

  11. by   amber88
    hi i am also waiting for CNO's assessment, i want to take the bridging program in York University, however, i read some articles about this program said there have already been over 180 people in the waiting list for next semester, i am so worried now don't know how long i have to wait for being enrolled. good luck.
  12. by   apoplexy
    hi guys good day! i am a new member here and just like anybody else i have some application dilemma that i wanna share with u guys.. i am an rn currently working here in the phil. for almost 3 years now and unlike other applicants in CNO nursing is my first and only degree. last october i applied for an eligibility in ontario to take the exam but last february CNO sent me their evaluation stating that i did not meet the requirements so they gave me an option to withdraw my application, do a bridging program or send them additional documents for reevaluation. I did not do this alone because I applied with an assistance from my agency. When the decision of CNO came out my agency told me that it would be better to apply as an RPN in CNO this time rather than pursuing the RN path because nursing degree from the Phil. falls short compared to their nursing degree unless nursing is your second course. My agency also told me that they reviewed my credentials and it matches perfectly with that of the RPN course in ontario thus giving me a better chance of obtaining an eligibility to write the exam. So I gave them my consent to go ahead and transfer my application to RPN. Few weeks ago we sent the application form to CNO hoping that this time I will be granted the eligibilty as RPN.. Now, my dilemma is this, I am thinking of applying for eligibility in another province where it is more linient as an RN while I am waiting for the decision of CNO. I just don't want to waste my time waiting for another uncertain decision and besides my IELTS will be expired by Dec. so I want to maximize using it. Do you guys think it would be fine if I will have two ongoing applications at the same time or is there any rule from any college stating that it is not alowed? I just think that it's alright because my ongoing application is for rpn if ever i apply in another province as RN it would be a different story.. am i right? hope you give me your thoughts on this guys.. Im so confused right now.. Thank u so much!
  13. by   Fiona59
    Alberta had similar problems with Phillipino BscN degrees. If you do a search you'll find the info.

    Many provinces have hiring freezes, so even if you meet the credentials requirements, there is no work.

    You'll just have to pick a province that you want to live in and apply there and see what they say.

    No province is "lenient" in permitting overseas in obtaining a practice permit.