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    They are right they are not affiliated. You need to know not affiliation but which Brazilian schools are in their list. When I did CGFNS I met some people that had their equivalence declined because their schools would not meet American education standards.. This is a good step. Good luck!!

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    hey everybody! my name is regiane and i'm about to graduate nursing school here in az. i graduate in may and plan on taking my n-clex in june. i'm just worried about the working situation. i'm on a student visa and after you graduate they have an opt (optional practical training) program that you can apply for and work here for 1 year on the same student visa, but after that i have no idea what i'm gonna do. i can apply for a work visa that lasts for 3 years and i can renew it for more 3 years and that's it. do you guys know anything about it? i already wanna have everything planned so i can work it out when it's time and do all the paperwork. i'm also planning on doing the rn to bsn program through western governor's online once i pass the dreaded n-clex. any inputs on what i can do or if someone had a situation that was similar maybe give me some feedback? i'd greatly appreciate it! obrigada

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    Work visa is usually a specialist visa and as a new grad specialist is not usually the case. Also you can't apply for it, you need a employer willing to go that route. Work visa also requires a minimum of BSN.

    You may have to consider leaving the country if you can't find a employer once OPT is finished or maintain student status
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    I have a general question to all the Brazilian/US nurses. I working on a research project for my last class and we are reviewing Brazil and the nurse licensing and testing. I was wondering if you could help me. I have found online that there is an entry exam to nursing school "Vestibular" but I have not found anything on licensing or testing to get your RN license like we have the NCLEX in the US. I did find other countries are not required to hold licenses because there diploma serves as a permit to practice nursing. Any help would be appreciated. Even websites to view would be helpful.
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    Hi... i have answered your questions in another topic.

    See ya.
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    Hi there I am a brazilian living in Seattle, WA and would like to get in touch with Nursing Students or nurses to exchange experiences, I know two Brazilian friends who are doing their program right now and I'm doing my prerequisites still. thanks!
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    Hello, I am trying to get my nursing license here in the U.S. I got my degree from Universidade Estacio de Sa. 2 years ago I did a course for NCLEX-RN but I was unable to do the test because I do not have a SSN# . I am now in the process of getting my papers. I am independently studying now but would like to know some tips on how to be better prepared for the exam. Any advice would be very helpful. Obrigada!!
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    Hello BrasilWifey,
    Have you done the CGFNS. You are supposed to start there. First of all you have to make sure that your degree of nursing is recognized in the USA. You have to send your transcripts to CGFNS and they will make sure everything is in order after that you will have to take their test. They will give you a certificate allowing you to take the NCLEX. I hope this is helpful. De Nada!!
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    I have a registered nursing license in USA. I have one year experience as a RN in home health and my age is in the early twenties. I have a BSN from Florida International University. I wanted to move to Brazil to work there because I want to experience a different lifestyle than I have living in USA my whole life. (1) If there exists one, what is the name of the test in Brazil for registered nurses, like the NCLEX-RN in USA? (2) I am fluent in Spanish and English, but have been taking private Portuguese lessons from a Brazilian tutor for over six months. I read my Bible and devotional in Portuguese everyday with no problem. If there is one, what is the name of a Portuguese fluency test? (3) What is the best or easiest way to get a work visa in Brazil? Get hired at a hospital in Brazil or an American company that has positions in Brazil? (6) I am a dual citizen of USA and another country (not in South America) which does not require a visa to travel to Brazil for "business or tourism." I wonder if business visa is the same as WORK visa. (7) Are there any hospitals friendly to foreign/American applicants? (8) Any American companies with a base in Brazil?

    I welcome any feedback either here or email.
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    Hello Cuddlesutra,
    I have to say WOW!! Are you aware that a nurse there makes at best R$1.500/month(convert brazilian reals to us dollars). Anyway,in order to live in Brazil you have to have a strong Portuguese. The major cities like São Paulo and Rio you are able to speak some English and Spanish (AKA inside of the hotel) and in the rest of the country just portuguese. General population is very sweet but they just speak Portuguese. I am not aware of any Portuguese proficiency test for nursing in Brazil. I believe the best you can do is to enter in contact with ABEN and COREN to see how they handle a case like yours. You have to remember that even if your 2nd citizenship doesn't require a visa to Brazil there are some restrictions. As far as I know you are allowed between 90 to 180 days inside Brazil without a Visa. Check with your 2nd consulate. My experience is that hospital are very friendly with Fellows/Residents from other countries. I never met a nurse doing your move.T
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