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    Hi everyone!*

    I just wanna ask about how to work as a nurse in australia.

    I am a Filipino nurse who has worked in the Philippines for one year and seven months in a clinic setting and currently, I'm working as a staff nurse in Tripoli Medical Center in Libya. My two-year contract here will end by August next year, and by then i plan to take IELTS as soon as I can.

    I have an aunt who works in The Canberra Hospital and is already an immigrant there. She's willing to *sponsor me, but I don't really know where to start my application, or how.

    I wanna ask you guys what is the best and quickest way to apply in Australia? I don't quite have a deeper knowledge on whether i would apply there as an enrolled nurse, take a bridging program, use a student visa, apply as a skilled worker or what.

    Anyone? Please help...
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    Hi there!

    I suggest you read this thread in order for you to be equipped with proper knowledge and procedures on how to become a Registered Nurse in Australia.

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    Contact the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency at:
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