Any nurses moved from US to England...and wished they hadn't? - page 2

Hello all! I am a newly licensed American nurse and I am wondering what it is like on the other side of the pond. I plan on completing my Masters in about 5 years and then coming to England to be with my boyfriend. I wonder if... Read More

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    5cats thank you for giving me some of your experiences. There might be some hope after all. I think I might visit a hospital and see if I can have a word with some nurses on the floor...or contact a nursing department and see if they can help me as well.

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    It so much depends where you work. I was in an acute medical unit where, as the senior RN, I was overall responsible for up to 16 patients!!! I had 2 nursing attendants who are trained to a higher level than you are used to in the USA, so they did vitals & assisted with care. However, my drug round alone (which traditionally in many UK hospitals is done by 1 RN) took up to 2 hours!!! We also had to clean beds & lockers when pts were discharged plus serve, give out & help pts with all meals. I wouldn't want to go back to that for all the tea in China!

    In the private hopistal (where I worked in med/surg) our ratio was 1:5 with no other help, it was way better though.

    Personally I think the UK pay is completely rubbish, especially in context with the cost of living there. I'm out of it now & can compare. Basically now it's more buck & more bang for my buck!

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