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Hello, all: My situation is similar to other posts found here. I am an American man in my mid 40s, seeking a career change. I am in Iraq now as an advisor, but I am coming home soon and want to go into nursing. The prereq's... Read More

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    when did u start taking classes at st ignatius. im actually thinking about taking classes here Im still here in US and plans to move ther so please give me some information about this school will they be able to take u to fresno or saipan

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    Try New England College, 40 Quezon avenue Quezon city. Their website Ain't updated though

    I am one of their product. When I was studying there I had classmates who were from California and other states who were already LPN's and finishing their BSN degree at the College. Their Lectures were all pure online and the time that I got to be classmates with them were during our clinical exposures. The students from CA and other states were all given full credits for the courses (subjects) that they took in the US. I think the current group of foreign students are at Batch 5.

    Some of the students were US army and navy nurses.

    International students outnumber the local students at the school.

    I graduated and reviewed at NEC for my local NLE and I am proud that I made it with flying colors. By the way, I was an international student in the US - (NY) studying a different major , NEC credited all of my subjects, plus they allowed me to fully load on subjects as long as I sign a waiver. The waiver is for you to agree that yes you advanced a subject while taking the prerequisite subject, but if you fail the prerequisite then you fail the advanced subject as well. So, if you want to finish your NSG education ASAP, then I guess it is doable but sacrifice on your social life is a must.
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    Hi, Im also planning to go back to the Philippines to continue my nursing education. Can you tell me if they credit classes that are taken here in the US? Also how long is the program at NEC and how much is the tuition fee over there. Hoping to hear from you, thanks.

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