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Hello, all: My situation is similar to other posts found here. I am an American man in my mid 40s, seeking a career change. I am in Iraq now as an advisor, but I am coming home soon and want to go into nursing. The prereq's... Read More

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    ive seen that school along quezon avenue,

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    If your goal is to practice in the USA and and you are a US resident your best education option is going to the USA.

    A. The wait issue, you may have to wait to get into a program is valid, but if you attend a program in the Philippines you will have to wait about the same time to sit for the NCLEX and pass the paper work. You should also sit for the local license- so the wait time maybe longer going to the Philippines.

    B. Finding a position in the USA, may students make contacts during your clinical rotations and are offered jobs. Your job application at least as a new grad will be placed after local grads. With the job market getting tough this is a factor.

    C. Passing the NCLEX, as a US grad you will not have to spend months studying for a review and chances are 85% or higher passing the first time.

    D. Moving about the USA. Most USA programs there are no issues getting another license.

    E. If you are planning on making America your home, why not support the USA when now when the USA needs people to spending cash in the USA not off shore. Shouldn't you support the place called your "American Dream" during bad times or is only a place to take during good times?
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    The Philippine government is trying to close down many of the second courser programs there and even harder to close those that have not had one student pass their licensing exam. They are nothing more than diploma mills, just like the puppy mills that we have had here that many have tried to close down for the quality coming out.

    Not sure why the school even uses New England in their name since they have no affiliation with anything in the US either.

    There are still programs in the US where you can go for direct entry into a BSN program once you have the Bachelor's degree. Even the second courser programs in the Philippines are going to want to see the pre-reqs done, they are assuming that you will have had them done as well.

    You will not be able to get licensed right away after you finish the program in the Philippines, you cannot even begin the process to apply for licensure until you have a completed set of transcripts and then add in the waiting time for the PRC to provide you with a letter that you are unable to write their licensing exam there. Many states require a local license before they will permit you to sit for the NCLEX exam, many forget about this. So you are looking at adding on months and months to when you think that you would be able to work. MI also requires the CES be completed by CGFNS and this can take four months or so to complete.

    The LPN programs in the Philippines are also not universally accepted all over the US for licensure. You may not be aware of the fact that the graduates of these programs cannot even take the licensing exam in the Philippines as they do not recognize the training there for licensure.

    I would recommend that you check out some other states in the US, or even some private programs as well in the US. They cost more, but you can usually get in much quicker.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Re: Any knowledge of New England College in Quezon City, Philippines?
    I just when to their web site, they have not graduated a single nurse, track record for these type of schools will lead to probable failure of the NLE.

    I'm sorry sir but you don't the right to say those words.... I am a graduate of new england college and the school is great,... they accept 2nd courses like...professors are fantastic...tuition fee very affordable...infact they have 30-40 students from u.s. who will study here ... so i'm a little bit offended by your remarks/....

    i hope i was able to enlighten someone
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    When the above poster posted, not one person has pass the boards.

    According to what I read , 18 students have graduated and only 8 passed the NLE. Not so great.
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    They do have a track record now. I think someone has posted a link to the passing rates of each school in another thread. I believe this school has a current passing rate of 44% where 8 out of 18 graduates passed the NLE
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    well its wrong its 10 out 20 .. the link is wrong.. we are still above the national passing average
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    jerro: I think you meant the list is wrong. I could say that all got the same list from the PRC, so it means that somebody somewhere had the wrong code for the school for at least 2 graduates. Since the PRC only processes the codes submitted, the most likely explanation is that someone from the school did not get it right so they were not credited to the school.

    In any case the current passing rate is based on less than 30 examinees from the school, and i would assume that they are the first batch ever to take the exam, based on the list. It is something to be proud of, but of course, the original poster would have to consider that the school has just graduated the first batch ever, and that the track record of passing the NLE still needs to be established. Would you care to post how many graduates in total did the school have last school year, so we could track in the future how many of those will pass the NLE later on? The PRC list covers only those who took the exams, but not how many actual graduates from each school.
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    @ jerro

    My heart goes out to you. But the forum must be based on hard facts to provide better, if not the best solution posted by a bewildered fellow.

    In my own (honest) opinion. Wait.. wait.. wait.. Patience (cliche) is a virtue you know

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