After 11 years, USA to UK. Anyoneone been there? - page 2

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Hi, I came to the US in 1993 after I was qualified as an RGN for 5 years. Have worked in the community, rehab and most recently Med/surg. I am trying to decide if coming home is in my best interests. Hate my current job, have no... Read More

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    I work in London + Greater London and as much as i haven't got young children, i have witnessed my colleagues taking time off as carer's leave. I think it's all down to management and having a good team. I work in Recovery/Anaesthetics and i must say after the recent recruitment drive from the Phillipines/South Africa, the staff ratio has improved + the use of Agency nurses has helped. Please i'm not saying the NHS is perfect, but in my unit i have noticed an improvement in comparison to 6 years ago. You are always welcome in our unit, we need more peeps. LOL.
    Well, thanks for the info and the job offer!