Is it advisable to take the IELTS first before the NCLEX? - page 3

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I am actually reviewing in preparation for the IELTS but since the review is unlimited im planning to take the NCLEX first. However the eligibilty will still lapse in 8 months. Im skeptical. I don't know which among the two exams... Read More

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    Quote from kafka
    Quick question, which is better, process my NCLEX application by myself or apply at some center which will process my application for me?

    I'm really torn.

    And I don't know which state to pick. Some of my relatives reside at California and Nevada. I can't make up my mind.
    I recommend Vermont BRN. They respond very quickly, you can even email them and they'll reply to your concerns. And I believe the process is still easy even if they are noew requiring a CES report from CGFNS. Its fairly easy to process everything urself. The instructions are easy to understand if you give it your time, print them if u wish, and accomplish everything asap, no matter what state BON you choose. You are doing the right thing. NCLEX won't open opportunities but we need it for our future, seriously.
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    You need to take the AT if your a nurse or belong to any related medical professions. But if you're applying for an immigrant you will take the GT.
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    i'm a nurse applying for an immigrant, which one should i take?
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    Quote from jms8
    i'm a nurse applying for an immigrant, which one should i take?
    As a nurse you should take academic level
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    ok thanks! is the AT more than an english exam? would there be questions like those of NCLEX?
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    I haven't had to take Academic as English is my main language however academic is a higher level than the general