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ACLS in Ontario?

  1. 0 Okay, my ACLS has expired and I haven't returned to work since moving back to Ontario. Where do nurses get recertified for ALCS outside of the hospital?
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    Check with the local community colleges. Find out where they train paramedics and EMTs and see where they recert. I know that here in the Edmonton area I can recert for PALS at both Grant McEwan College and through STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) but it costs a chunk of cash. I'm sure they also run ACLS several times a year.
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    If your close to Toronto try the mitchner insititute.... I KNOW they run it usually every other w/e or so. They also do PALS, NRP and lots more. Check it out. If your closer to Hamilton try McMaster.... they are holding the course Oct 28/29th which I will be attending:wink2:

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    Thanks for the responses...can I pick your brains some more. Are the recert classes 2 days long and what is the cost (approx)? Do the hospitals usually cover the cost when a person is employed? Thanks
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    PALS recerts here are two days. The hospital will pay for the instruction (only if taken on-site) but not the manual or anything else, and will not give you time off to attend (PALS or anything else you might feel to be a good educational opportunity). If you don't already have the days off, don't sign up.
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    ALL the course are 2 days.... the ones that I know of. I think the hospitals do recerts. Usually cost around 280-305$$$ plus manual. And it depends on your hospital if they'll pay. Some that I know of do and some don't!!! GOOD LUCK:wink2:

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    Recert ACLS is 2 days

    Day 1 : 4 hrs. in pm (18 - 22)
    Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2006 Guidelines
    Breakout sessions 30 mins each on: A/W management, Defib/AED, Bradycardias/PEA/Asystole, Tachycardias, Stable and Unstable

    Day 2: 08:30 to 16:00 hrs
    Coronary Artery Syndrome
    Megacode Practice (groups of 4 at 4 stations; 45 mins. stations)
    Evaluations / Cards

    Cost $329.58 / per person (GST included) ; instruction/certificate/precourse material.

    You can check the michener website if you are in southern ontario.