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2011 passers, no experience. ANY suggestions or anything we can do to start our proffesion. i'm really confused and clueless.:confused: please any nurse here who has a job tell there story on how they start. do I really need to... Read More

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    Quote from kamae
    I can relate.. I'm a 2009 BSN graduate here in the Philippines and have no clinical job experience whatsoever. I worked as a front desk officer in a hotel just so I could feel how it is to work with salary. Then I resigned and decided to give nursing a chance. I trained for 3 months in a dialysis center and then got some extra training/seminars. I also pursued a master's degree in nursing.

    My advice is you should definitely equip yourself with training, seminars and maybe some extra units from a masters program. Then just send your applications to every health institution in sight. Try also to send your application to companies who might be in need of a company nurse. Training/Volunteering in hospitals or health institutions is a good idea because there is a chance they might hire you if they're impressed with your performance. I also read about military nursing here: http://allnurses.com/philippine-nurs...046-page2.html.

    I'm leaving this November for Canada on a 2-year student visa. Hopefully, things go well and I'll be able to stay and work as a nurse or practical nurse. If you can, try the student visa route. Canada has a nice program for international students to stay and work after graduation. You might want to look into that. If I found about it earlier after graduation, I would have applied earlier. !

    Hope this helps.
    thanks kamae!. Wow good for you congrats kamae. Actually my friends and I are planning to go to australia once we have our experiences and equipt with the skills and knowledge to perform as a staff, but that will be a long time ), anyhoo the "program" dunno how to call it, but our program is to be a trainee there at australia with allowance, apartment and all that. But still the position for being a staff nurse will still depend on your performanc there are no assurance that you'll be absorb. My friend told me we will be student there, student as a trainee in the hospital. Sorry if its too confusing . Anyway good luck and GOD bless in canada

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